Here is how you can improve your kitchen with a few countertop fixes

Unappealing kitchen countertops can ruin the feel of an entire kitchen and impact the value of your home. If you’re starting to feel like you can’t stand the look of your kitchen any longer, the countertop is probably the culprit. Luckily, it doesn’t matter whether the surface is outdated or damaged because there is a quick fix for every situation. But even though there are temporary solutions for most things, if your kitchen countertop is in a severely damaged state, it might be time to consider a countertop upgrade. Here is how you can improve your kitchen with a few countertop fixes.

The Quickest Fix

A quick fix is perfect for those who want an instant (or nearly so) upgrade that will take their kitchen from blah to brilliant in mere moments. The downside of a swift solution is that its lifespan might be just as prompt. Alas, but then you can hop on to the next quick fix until you’re ready for the medium or big fix.

Green Décor

The traditional hide-below-the-pot-plant still is as relevant today as it was when the first person decided to hide something not quite perfect. So, make the most an impromptu décor session by hiding the scuff, mark or damaged area with a feature herb corner. Adding greenery to any kitchen, regardless of the countertop will immediately make it look and feel better. This approach works best to hide smaller sections.


Paint is an amazing décor tool that can upgrade just about anything. Choose your preferred colour, use two for a marble effect or chalk paint for a slate look. Give the existing countertops a quick sanding, wipe them down to remove dirt, and get painting. Allow to dry and then seal with a quality toxin-free paint sealer. The paint sealer will wear off in time, so be committed to a small amount of maintenance on a regular basis.

Skim Coat

A skim coat is a great way to hide dented or roughly scratched kitchen countertops and has a concrete look to it. The industrial style of a concrete countertop is still covetable, just be sure to take care of the surface with a water-based sealer and touch up when necessary. Again this type of fix is temporary but looks very impressive.

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Contact paper

Depending on which contact paper you choose, this may be the second most affordable item on this list. Contact paper come in all designs imaginable, so finding one you like will be relatively easy. Make sure you use a contact paper that is suitable for countertops, and then it’s just peel and stick.


The Medium Fix

Chipped surfaces or water-stains are completely fixable, so they shouldn’t be the reason why you want to hide your countertop. Do a little research on kitchen countertop tips and countertop-problems to find how you can remedy the countertop yourself, or what the cost of a professional fix will be. It will probably cost less than you think.

The Big Fix

The chances are that a quick fix is merely going to lead to another quick fix countertop. So, instead of going round in circles, commit to investing in a new work surface. If you don’t have the funds just yet, start your kitchen renovation project by implementing a savings plan and sticking to it. A kitchen renovation, even if it is just the countertops, can add significant value to your property and will make you feel more at home in your own kitchen.

New Countertops

There are many affordable countertop options out there, and even if you’re sticking to a budget, you should still get the best that you can afford. This doesn’t mean you have to pressurise yourself into buying a natural stone top! Affordable countertop options can look just as beautiful and is often more durable. Here is a list of what’s available at different price points:

Marble: A more expensive option, marble is very durable and heat resistant. It is also porous which means it can stain and scratch easily and is prone to cracking or breaking. It is still a preferred choice for many homeowners because it’s natural beauty and the value it adds to a home.

Granite: Highly durable and heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant. Also on the pricey side, granite requires annual sealing to retain its look.
Soapstone: Very durable and stain resistant. Soapstone countertops will add value to your home, although they are not scratch-proof and have to be oiled regularly to maintain them.

Quartz: One of the most durable man-made options, quartz come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. This is a very practical and maintenance-free option, although it is not entirely heat-proof.

Solid Surfacing: This offer a fantastic seamless solution to countertops, making a very hygienic option. Solid surfacing is not scratch- and stain resistant so these kinds of countertops should be handled with care.

Stainless Steel: The most hygienic option and favoured by chefs worldwide, stainless steel is maintenance-free. It does however easily show grease and handprints, so it requires constant cleaning.

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Wood: Wood makes for a beautiful work surface, but requires maintenance and care to prevent it from scratching and showing stains. It is also highly porous so may harbour harmful organisms.

High-Pressure Laminates: This is by far the most cost-effective solution. These tops come in an endless array of colours and designs, are easy to install and highly durable.