Integrated fridges are your kitchen’s finishing touch

At first blush, you know an integrated kitchen looks wonderful, but you don’t know why. And that’s entirely the point! The fully integrated kitchen gives a sense of “doneness” that is sophisticated, under-the-radar, and simply cannot be achieved with any other kind of kitchen design.

Complement your kitchen interior design with Grundig's full-sized combi fridge. (c)

Complement your kitchen interior design with Grundig’s full-sized combi fridge.(c)

Where the integrated oven, hob and even dishwasher are common in the kitchen, the refrigerator is often the last thing to be integrated. Given the size and importance of the refrigerator, it deserves better. That’s why many premium appliance brands offer fully integrated models as well as freestanding models. The Grundig Fully Integrated Combi GKNI 15730, with its A+++ energy rating, is one such model. And, though interior designers think every kitchen deserves the fully integrated refrigerator treatment, there are two décor situations in particular which they thrive:


The fridge’s Vitamin Care function truly cares for your nutrient intake. (c) Grundig

Small and Efficient

If making the most of a small kitchen space is your number one décor concern, then the fully integrated Grundig refrigerator is the ideal appliance for you. Tall, yet slim, the Grundig is full size. So, on one hand you won’t have to worry about skimping on food storage space. On the other, you can also be safe in the knowledge that your refrigerator won’t stick out awkwardly from your kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, as it is a combi model, you can refrigerate and freeze in the same space. The Duo Cooling No Frost technology ensures all of your food stays fresher for longer and reduces energy consumption.

This sophisticated Grundig fridge has an Energy Efficiency Class of A+++. (c)

This sophisticated Grundig fridge has an Energy Efficiency Class of A+++. (c)

Sleek and Modern

You’ve seen them in glossy home magazines, but try as you might you’ve not been able to pull off the polished urban look of the truly modern kitchen. Why? Probably because you do not have fully integrated appliances – including a refrigerator. The Grundig Fully Integrated Freestanding Combi is the ideal remedy, as its slim stature is meant to be installed flush with your cabinetry. Featuring a reversible door with 3D hinge, it is also easy to install so that it meshes perfectly with the rest of your sleek décor. With a satin stainless steel finish, it also matches virtually any modern décor scheme.

Whether you’re a stickler and have all of your appliances completely hidden, or simply want a premium looking space, chances are the integrated kitchen style is right for you.