Make your kitchen a pink paradise with 10 pink kitchen ideas

Kitchens used to be very colourful places. In the 40s and 50s particularly, pink was kitchen colour mainstay. Things have changed however, and today pink is often overlooked. But, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate pink into your kitchen. Read on for 10 top pink kitchen tips.

  1. Pick the right shade for your space. Avoid the bubble gum ballerina bedroom effect. Go with the pink that best suits your kitchen’s design style. For example, old world sophistication calls for warm peach, an urban kitchen screams for fuschia and an opulent space requires deep grenadine.
  1. Use pink for patterns. If committing to a pink kitchen is intimidating, use it in patterned fabrics and accessories. Pink and white gingham curtains are classic, while pink Toile is lovely on French country napkins. An area rug with a pink and cream chevron pattern looks particularly attractive under a Scandinavian dining set.
  1. lance bold pink with white or black. If you’ve gone for it and painted your cabinets bright pink, good for you! To avoid overload, provide some balance with white marble countertops and black accents.
  1. Use pink as a muted accent colour. Pale pink is a lovely way to add colour and character to a neutral kitchen. Use a high-gloss and low-maintenance paint for your backsplash and cabinet interiors.
  1. Go glossy. Yes, your kitchen can be modern and pink. Make it happen with flat fronted pink cupboards with a high-gloss finish. Complete the sleek look with vertical stainless steel pulls.
  1. Have fun cooking with pink appliances. Whether they’re brand new, vintage, or retro-inspired, pink appliances are all the rage. For a complete look, that isn’t so high commitment, invest on a complete set of small appliances.
  1. Offset pink with a bold accent colour. Want to really make a statement? Pair your pink kitchen walls or cabinets with acid green accessories. It’s a colour palate that will surely cause a stir.
  1. Don’t forget the dining set! The retro kitchen simply isn’t complete without a chrome and pink Formica dining set. Want the look? Start your web search now, because they’re in high-demand!
  1. Top pink off with stainless steel. To add an industrial edge to your pink kitchen, top off bright pink cabinets with stainless steel worktops. Extend them upwards to create an integrated backsplash.
  1. Make pink your new neutral. Like the lightness and brightness of a monochromatic kitchen, but are sick of white and grey? Replace them with the palest of pinks.