Indulge in this English classic with a luxury twist

Once a royal trendsetter in seventeenth-century England, tea drinking is now a standard part of everyday life – especially first thing in the morning.

However, one thing the Brits haven’t lost is that sense of occasion – the English folk are still obsessed by the quintessential afternoon tea, and real afficiandos are very precise about the way each cup is made.

Which is where the Grundig Gourmet Tea Maker steps in. While everyone’s been raging about the latest coffee machines, tea lovers have been waiting for something that caters to their needs, which is a bit more scientific than the humble teapot.

The Gourmet Tea Maker has an automatic brewing function that’s specifically suited to the type of tea that’s being made, ideal for sensitive tea leaves, plus it comes with a function that maintains the temperature of the tea – indispensible for avid tea drinkers, who tend to sip it throughout the day.

It’s practical, too. The product comes with a drip-prevention function that allows you to pour a cup in the midst of the brewing process without making a mess and it also has a self-cleaning action, which is an added bonus.

Even if you don’t fancy tea, the product has a 1.7L glass kettle that can be used separately for holding other beverages.

The Gourmet Tea Maker has all the innovation of modern tea making, plus it’s sleek and compact design (available in a stainless steel or modern white finish), will blend seamlessly into any minimalist kitchen.

If you have a taste for design as well as a good brew, then this is the must-have product for you.

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