Grundig digital radios are always a conversation starter in the kitchen

They look great and spread good cheer throughout your cooking area. The undeniable popularity of Grundig radios is due in equal measure to their appealing designs, exceptional user-friendliness and their outstanding sound quality. The perfect companions for when you’re on the go or entertaining friends at home.

Anyone who has grown accustomed to the unmatched sound of Grundig will no longer want to go without it. Whether you enjoy the Berlin Symphony Orchestra in orchestra hall quality, follow parliamentary debates with a DAB+ radio or tune into major sporting events via internet radio – you can rest assured that a Grundig audio device will deliver a premium listening experience.

Let’s take a broad look the special features of the latest radios in the Grundig stable – the WTR Range of digital radios.

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With DAB+ technology, you’ll immediately experience the advantages of digital radio in terms of reception. No more hissing and crackling. Manual frequency tuning is also a thing of the past as the channels are automatically detected. The future of digital radio looks bright, with it’s analogue cousin becoming less and less prevalent. With Grundig digital radios, you’ll be ready for radio of the future, today.


A world of music, without any cables. Connect your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily to play music stored on your phone with ease.

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Intuitive Operation

The new range of Grundig WTR radios are a feast for both the ears and eyes, thanks to state-of-the-art intuitive design and gorgeous design. The radios are designed specifically so that you can operate all important features as simply as possible.

The Grundig WTR range will hit the shelves in 3 versions: WTR4000, WTR3200 and WTR2000. Keep an eye on K!TCHN for more soon. For more, visit