Use the right accents to nail vintage kitchen cool

Fifties’ prom dresses, winged eyeliner, bell-bottoms, victory rolls, peep-toe pumps, and bomber leather jackets – some of us cannot resist the siren song of all things retro! When it comes to creating a timeless kitchen space that’s equal parts liveable, fashionable and functional however, retro should be applied with a light hand. So, if you want a cool vintage kitchen, but you don’t want your space looking like a diner, retro accents are the ideal choice.

Working from the floor up, beginning with the right tiling can add a retro-cool edge to an otherwise modern kitchen. For an authentically cool vintage kitchen floor, choose tiles that are black and white. On the backsplash, use reclaimed tiles in colours that simply don’t exist anymore like coral pink, mint green, or canary yellow.

The award-winning design and high-quality workmanship of the Grundig TR 1200 Table Radio, also makes it the ideal décor choice to add retro charm to your space. Available in finishes of real-wood, premium piano-lacquer black, white and red, its housing delivers a distinctive and high quality sound experience. Plus, its analogue tuning control with five-speed transmission is a charmingly precise way to tune into your favourite station. Place it on a granite countertop, or over the stainless steel sink on a freestanding cookbook shelf for a low-key throwback experience that’s pleasing to the eyes and the ears!

If you don’t have a retro radio to put on the kitchen table, why not invest in a 1950’s dinette set? A cool vintage kitchen is not complete without a marbled Formica table and chairs with chrome detailing. These can actually look surprisingly contemporary in today’s kitchens. Plus, their compact size makes them the ideal option for small dining spaces.

Finally, for those looking for high-impact retro accessories, but low impact retro commitment, vintage tin signs are a great option. Group three together in a similar colour palate for maximum impact. Plus, they’re fun to shop for! Antique shops, urban markets, vintage clothing stores and novelty shops all have options of varying price points.