Two-toned kitchen cabinets is a trend that’s not going away

Not surprisingly, many kitchen renovators are opting for two-tone when it comes to choosing cabinetry. And it doesn’t take much to realise why this style is catching so many people’s attention. Whether or not you’re having your kitchen designed professionally, or doing the renovation yourself, two-toned kitchen cupboards and cabinetry add an inviting dynamic to your space.

There are many different colour combinations to choose from; but in the end, the goal is to create a cohesive space with just the right amount of contrast. Here’s how to get the look right:

Choose a focal point

The simplest way to apply the two-tone trend to your kitchen is to decide on one set of cupboards to turn into a focal point for the space. A kitchen island, for example, is an excellent starting point, because of its central position in the layout. But don’t feel limited by the arrangement of your kitchen. Before making any hard-and-fast decisions, try planning out the area to see how your choice of colour will draw the attention to various angles of the room.

After you have decided on the where to apply your focus point, it’s time to think about the colour. If you decide to go this route, remember that your choice has to be appealing to the eye. It could be a big bold shade that stands out or something a little more subtle. Some people like to opt for trendy colours like dark blues and pastel yellows.

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Thinking past paint

If you are not a bold colours kind of person, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to get the two-tone look. Certainly one of them is to use separate materials for your cabinet design. A wood finish would be a good option for at least part of the design. That way you can combine your wood element with laminate for a stylish, contemporary look, or a glass and aluminium combo to give the kitchen an industrial feel.

If you’re planning on mixing and matching, remember that the design is always the key to success. Your starting point should be to choose your kitchen style and the materials you’d like to use. By doing so, you can ensure that the final product will exceed expectations.

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Darker on the bottom

Another common way to incorporate the two-tone trend is to use a darker colour on your bottom cabinets and a lighter colour on the top. On the one hand, it’s a design that lets you make a statement by using a bold colour on the bottom to help ground the space. On the other, the lighter top cabinets will make the space to look bigger by drawing the eye upward.

If this is your chosen two-tone route, you have a choice to make. You could pair a bold shade with a lighter colour. Or, you can consider an Ombre appearance. In both instances, the key is to copy the lighter colour in other areas throughout the room.

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Don’t forget coordinating elements

Whatever you decide when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, there’s one key element to bear in mind: every single one of your cabinets should have some form of coordinating detail. Consider that if you have two very different sets of cabinetry in the same space, it’s super important to include a few details that indicate that they belong together.

You can go about tying your cabinets together in a number of ways. You can, for example, try using two different shades of the same colour as an equaliser. But if you’d rather include 2 distinct hues, you should seriously consider using the same hardware throughout the space to run a thread through the whole look.

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The two-toned kitchen cupboard design trend is here, and it looks like it’s going to be around for quite a while. Use the ideas above as your design inspiration to create a look that suits your style and taste. With a few little tweaks, you can create an on-trend look you’ll love for years to come.