It’s where you’re going to cook your best meals and entertain, so your kitchen needs to be well lit

Kitchen lighting comes in an array of styles, designs and features. Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, lighting can make a huge difference. Check out our ultimate guide to kitchen lighting, so you can find the perfect addition to your kitchen space.

Kitchen island lighting

Your kitchen island is likely to be at the centre of your kitchen, both in terms of layout and its use. You might use it as a countertop, or as an entertaining space. Whatever you use it for, it needs to be well lit. A good way to elongate your kitchen island and make it look bigger is to use a row of multiple lights. Glass pendants hanging low across the length of the island can illuminate each seating space, to make your food look delicious. Go for yellow lights to make your space warm and inviting, or white if you want to go for a minimalist, modern look.

Use a feature light right above your kitchen island to bring your entire kitchen together. Use colours, crystals, and chandeliers for an extravagant look. A big light like this might also mean that you don’t need smaller lights to dot around the kitchen, so make sure you don’t go overboard!

With all chandeliers and pendants, make sure you use energy efficient bulbs otherwise you will be faced with steep energy bills. An eco-friendly kitchen is the best kitchen, too.

The creative suspended lighting in sync with lowered cooktop hood makes for a parallel ceiling outline. ©Bulthaup

Kitchen nook

A kitchen or breakfast nook is a cute addition to any kitchen space. Whilst they’re usually best lit with natural lighting from plenty of windows or doors, you need some lights to make sure they’re cosy in the evening too.

A low hanging pendant can make the space more inviting, and can encourage a feeling of togetherness at the table. Use lighting pelmets to make low ceilings look taller. Paired with lighter coloured walls, they can also make the breakfast nook look bigger altogether.

The type of lighting you choose may depend on the theme of the nook, as many people choose a kitchen nook design that is unique to the rest of the kitchen. Cage lighting for traditional nooks, a cascading multi-light for sleek, modern nooks, or a wall light for a small space are all just a few options.

Dining table lighting

Dining tables are another entertaining space, but since they’re freestanding, they tend to be a more formal setting than breakfast nooks or kitchen islands.

The same ideas as nooks and islands apply; with feature lights, pendants, and chandeliers. However, there’s a lot more you can do with lighting for a dining table. Instead of lighting up ceilings and walls, why not bring lighting to the table itself? A wave of dining tables built with lights inside them are available, or for a more traditional setting, candles on the table never go wrong.


Cabinet lighting

Lighting inside your cabinet is essential. You can get lights built in, or you can get battery operated lights which you can stick on. Perfect for making things easier to find, and also great when you’re looking for a midnight snack and don’t want to turn all the lights on.

Inside lighting is important, but how about lighting it from the outside? Cabinet lighting can add another dimension to your kitchen space. Use strip lighting underneath the skirting of your cabinets for a glow that reflects on your kitchen floor. This will make it look bigger, and is also a nice way to surprise your guests! You can also get spot lights fitted into the skirting, for beams of light that will make your kitchen floor stand out. Alternatively, install lights in the flooring near your cabinets, to add height to them and make it easier to find things when you open them.

© Leicht

Wall lighting

If your ceilings are low, or you want something a bit different, you should integrate wall lighting into your kitchen design.

Wall lights now come in a range of lights, straying way away from something you might have seen at your grandmother’s. Modern wall lights come in different materials, colours and styles, and can be an artistic addition to your kitchen space. You can also light your walls without putting lights on them at all! Spot lights on the edges of your kitchen floor shine beautifully on to walls, which can reflect the light straight back into the room. They come in all colours, including multi-coloured, so you have so many options you can play around with.

A new light can make your entire kitchen look new and different, so if you want to make a difference, you really don’t have to splash out. Newer lights also tend to be more environmentally friendly, especially as your kitchen can be one of the most power-consuming rooms in your home. So whether it’s anew feature light, or just some candles on the table, use this guide to make your kitchen brighter than the rest!