Sustainability is about more than consuming less resources. It’s about wasting less, and feeding more.

At Grundig, we believe people should enjoy good food – without wasting it. In fact, wherever we go, and whatever we create, we’re always spreading the Respect Food philosophy.

Research suggests that a third of the world’s annual food production ends up in the trash. That’s 1.3 BILLION TONNES of edible food wasted every year. As an eco-conscious brand, our commitment to the cause is reflected in each and every technology we develop and kitchen appliance we produce.

Food waste is no small issue either. In fact, the United Nations marked it as the #2 topic of their 2030 sustainable development goals. Clearly, this is a global issue. In the EU alone, 27 million tonnes of food is wasted each year. Ironically, the biggest culprits of unnecessary food waste are the people who need food the most – us, the consumers. Research estimates that between 30% – 50% of the total amount of food thrown away comes from our own kitchens. While the stats are certainly shocking, the they point us to a clear solution: the fight against food waste begins at home.

It takes real people with real vision to lead the charge. The Grundig Respect Food initiative aims to inspire everyone to help us fight food waste. And while new technology and innovative products certainly help, real change starts with making adjustments at home.

As a first step, find out exactly how much food you waste. Then, start making conscious decisions regarding your ‘perished’ foods. There are many ways to reuse older foods and create something deliciously new. Have a look at our Respect Food Recipes for a selection of great starting points.

The next natural step is to get involved with organisations leading the fight against food waste. Food for Soul, for example, is a non-profit organisation founded by Chef Massimo Bottura to encourage communities to fight food waste in the interest of social inclusion and individual wellbeing. Working with soup kitchens, Bottura and his team teach others to transform salvaged food into delicious, healthy meals. Grundig have collaborated with him on projects in Italy and Rio as part of the Olympics and worked on a new project which launched in London in June 2017. Learn more about Food for Soul here.

What it all comes down to, is at Grundig, we feel that it’s our responsibility to fight food waste. To remind the world not to take food for granted, but to treat it with care. Respecting food is the only way to make our earth the best home to be.

Wasting food is wasting life.

Join us, and let’s #RespectFood together.