Designers discuss why going green will do the world of good

The concept of an eco kitchen project can often mean more than one thing to different people. Some might focus on using sustainably sourced and organic materials for its construction, others may concentrate on making it super energy efficient while some might take a more holistic view.

According to Danish kitchen designer Knud Kapper Hansen, it’s about using natural materials but limiting the use of artificial substances in the build process.

I think there’s now a trend for more considerate design, where we use materials from nature but without destroying it by spraying everything and gluing parts together with artificial products,’ says Knud Kapper Hansen.

The green kitchen trend isn’t just about incorporating natural and sustainable furniture; it trickles down into the smaller elements such as everyday utensils and cookware, ensuring that these are also durable, sustainable and ethically sourced.

Choosing appliances that are also energy efficient is one way to go green while also saving money on energy bills. There are now many products on the market that can help, such as Grundig’s GKN 16830 fridge-freezer or the GWN 59492 washing machine, both of which are rated A+++ and have special eco functions.

As the demand for eco-friendly materials are on the rise, an abundance of contemporary homeowners are beginning to opt for a green kitchen makeover.

Using salvaged materials rather than new is becoming more fashionable and there’s an increasing amount of recycled products available, such as waste glass that’s been transformed into worktops or splashbacks.

Also more homeowners are choosing materials that have less impact on the environment such as quartz, which is a more responsible option because it’s plentiful, and FSC-certified timber for both cabinets and floors.

Even the lighting industry has had a huge overhaul, with an increasing range of energy-efficient LED alternatives hitting the market and halogen bulbs to be phased out completely by 2018.

Hansen predicts that, as more people realise the benefits of eco kitchen design, the more it will become the norm.

‘I think that being green should be one of the most important considerations in the design world right now and I believe it’s a trend that will take over very soon.’