A closer look at German kitchen design studios

Whether as manufacturers of cars, furniture, kitchens, or laptops: Germany has proven itself to be a powerhouse when it comes to innovative design. Here’s a look at the 5 top German kitchen brands that have become world-renowned for ingenuity, quality and integrated technology.

German innovation is so remarkable and German designers stay among the top in the world because they are concerned with reinventing existing industries through new concepts. With these innovations, Germans are ensuring trusted principles are continually improved, becoming super designs. Constant training allows designers alongside the rest of the German workforce to hone and improve their skills and expand their knowledge. In Germany, that which already exists is cultivated and made great through experience, which is why many German companies have become such design leaders.

German kitchen design studios have kept themselves relevant through constant innovation, re-invention and staying ahead of trends and fads. A German-designed kitchen is, therefore, a symbol not only of craftsmanship created over decades but also of major technological advances.