Know your 2016 kitchen worktop trends

Granite, granite, GRANITE! The popular gold standard for kitchen worktops has been the polished version of this rock and it’s completely understandable. Coming in a range of colours and boasting top-notch scratch and stain-resistant properties, granite is a wise long-term investment.

Today’s kitchen designers however, know they are spoiled for choice, so there is no excuse to leave alternative materials unexplored. Here, are some of 2016’s most trendy worktop materials.

The warmth of hardwood suits the food preparation and dining areas of any kitchen. If properly sealed and maintained it can last a lifetime. Top choices in terms of style and durability include hard maple, bamboo, beech and teak. Of course, common sense is required when using hardwood: do use a cutting board and do not put hot cookware directly on its surface. However, isn’t it the small scratches and nicks that make hardwood such a charming option?

Composite’s sheer range of exciting colour options make it a kitchen designer’s dream material. Dramatic colours add flair to kitchens with neutral colour palates, while a soft cream looks stunning in a classic space. Composite is also a practical choice that can be used next to sinks and hobs, and since the colour runs right through the product any scratches can be completely sanded out!

The industrial charm of concrete has made it a trendy worktop material for several years already. Its durable and beautifully textured surface makes it an attractive alternative to stone. Installing concrete worktops should not be a DIY project however. Apt to crack if added to the kitchen incorrectly, opt for professional installation and sealing.

High-End Laminate
Yes, the worktop material of our parents’ time is making a comeback as a trendy worktop material. Today’s high-quality laminate worktops are nothing like its flimsy forerunners. High-quality laminates can be used in any area of the kitchen and look best in designs that accurately mimic natural products like slate. Low maintenance in the extreme, laminates are great in family kitchens.

Believe it or not, these are only four of the top worktop trends for 2016, so lookout for soapstone, slate, quartz and glass as well!