When hobs go high-tech, dinner party greatness follows

Have you ever imagined yourself as one of those fabulous dinner party hosts who seemingly floats around the kitchen, surrounded by guests and coolly sipping a glass of wine, all the while whipping up a three-course meal? With the Grundig FlexiCook+ GIEI 946990 N Induction Hob, your dream is one appliance closer to reality. Engineered to impress, its technology and design ensure your future will be full of easy-to-execute dinner parties that will be the talk of the town.

First things first: a brief introduction to induction. Although induction hobs seem to be cropping up everywhere, induction hob technology remains a mystery to many home chefs, but it’s not hard to master. In short, an electrical current produces a magnetic field that heats the iron molecules (and thus, your food) found in iron or steel cookware. The final result is a hob that’s easy to cook with and crafted to be a stylish, sleek addition to your home.

The technology behind the FlexiCook+ GIEI 946990 N is of utmost importance during dinner party crunch time, when the precise execution of different dishes is key. Woe-betide the host who overcooks the duck breasts, or under-sears the steak! However, this is precisely where the fast and accurate heating of induction technology kicks-in. For example, boiling water, or heating a pan takes a fraction of the time a typical hob requires. When you’re not cooking with full heat (like at a simmer), the hob’s 18 cooking levels allow for precise and almost instant heat control via a digital display and rotary sensor keys.

Preparing complex dishes in a series of courses can also be very stressful and a lack of space for cookware is the easiest route to host meltdown. However, this induction hob allows the host to keep a cool head as it boasts a total of 11 induction cooking zones provides maximum flexibility to cater for any cooking requirements.

The colour TFT display cleverly recognises the active and inactive cooking zones, ensuring that you fit all of your pots and pans onto the hob when you need them.

Not only is the GIEI 946990 N engineered to impress, it can fit in virtually any area of the kitchen you choose to install it. At 90cm wide, the appliance is fits on a standard countertop, creating a sleek look, and realistically proportioned to fit into any kitchen.

If you’re up for living the full hostess dream, however, include the hob in a kitchen island, or the dining room-facing countertop of an open-plan home so you can really put on a show.

How else can you cook and socialise in such style?