What are the benefits of considering the washing machine your secret kitchen weapon?

Though it resides in many of our kitchens, it’s challenging to think of our washing machine as a kitchen appliance. However washing machines like the Grundig GWN 47430 C are your secret kitchen weapon, keeping the textiles in your kitchen décor clean and well cared for.


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First and foremost, washing machines keep your kitchen towels germ-free. Though sponges are notorious for soaking up and producing bacteria, it turns out that kitchen towels can be just as germ-filled. In fact, not only do kitchen towels soak up germs, but breed them as well. Luckily, washing machine models like the Red Dot Design Award Winner Grundig GWN 47430 C, are equipped with Anti-Allergy programmes that eliminate harmful bacteria, as well as cat and dog allergens, dust mites and fungi.

Many experts also agree that it is important to “throw in the towel” every day. That means you need a lot of towels (invest in a lot of inexpensive white cotton towels as they are timeless and less prone to bacteria growth) and need to do a lot of laundry. If you don’t have a full load, rest assured that your kitchen area rug and dining chair covers could probably also use a thorough cleaning as well. Washing machines with hefty capacities can manage loads like these. With its 7 kg drum capacity and extra large porthole door, the Grundig GWN 47430 C can handle whatever you throw in it. To keep things efficient, it also has an A+++ energy rating, which can save you up to 30% in energy costs.

Washing kitchen textiles isn’t all about killing bacteria and monstrous loads however. Many people would love to use their grandmother’s antique tablecloth, but it’s hard to put it on the table when you know it will be well used. That is why it is essential that your the washing machine have various gentle settings. The Grundig GWN 47430 C for instance, features a hand wash programme with delicate tumbling and minimal water usage, which is suitable for silks and other fabrics with the “hand wash only” label. If you can’t bear to wash your kitchen delicates with anything else, but don’t want to waste water, know that the machine has an automatic water level reduction function for small or half loads.

If your washing machine wasn’t already in your kitchen we bet you wish it was now! For more on Grundig washing machines, find out how to pick the perfect one here.