Exposed brick has become an easy way of putting a rustic, artistic look in your home

Bricks have been used as the no-fuss, durable, and strong material in every house for centuries. Designers have been using the home staple in all interiors, from living rooms, to conservatories, to offices. But how about bringing the slick brick to your kitchen? Even if you don’t want to have the entire exposed wall look, there are always ways you can implement it into your kitchen designs. Read on to find out how to use brick in the kitchen practically and beautifully:

Step on it
If you’re not sure about adorning your kitchen walls with the look, opt for a brick floor. Hardwearing and beautiful, brick floors will last you years. The geometric look can make your kitchen look bigger, and it can prove to be a more cost-effective alternative to conventional hardwood floors. Plus, they’re easy to clean, maintain, and accessorise.

© Ourso Designs

Bricked backsplash
You might think that exposed bricks are only best for traditional, country kitchens. However, even if you have a modern kitchen, you can bring in the brick with a beautiful backsplash. It’s a perfect way of having an exposed brick wall in your kitchen, without using up an entire wall. By using LED strip lights, you can make the look sleek and sophisticated, and you can draw attention to it as if it were a feature. If you’re worried about cleaning, use a coat of clear varnish to make your backsplash easy to wipe down, without losing its deep, rich colour.

© Hanlon Studios

Bricks on deck
Cabinets made of bricks are heavy duty and resistant to heat. They’ll keep your food stored in great condition, extending its longevity. The timeless look is suited to warm, red toned kitchens, but can be perfectly contrasted with industrial themed kitchens with grey or silver hints. They’re also a creative way of adding brick to your kitchen if you don’t want to commit to walls or floors.

Industrial brick chic
Elevate your industrial kitchen with brick walls. Cold, dark cabinets and décor work perfectly with the warm colour of bricks, and make your kitchen look like the ultimate urban paradise. The look of ‘stripping back’ your kitchen to its bare, industrial roots also makes it look more spacious. Reminiscent of the renowned New York loft kitchen, it’s a perfect way of bringing the Big Apple into a small space.

Paint it brick
Want to take your kitchen bricks a step further? Paint them! It’s an inexpensive and easy way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. A white bricked wall in your kitchen can add texture to the space with the enhancing qualities of the white colour. Using a bright colour, or a range of bright colours can make the room feel happy and summery. Or, get the whole family together to paint the bricks to make for an eye-catching feature wall!

Create a brick island
Make your kitchen island stand out. Instead of going for an exposed brick kitchen entirely, go for a brick island. Kitchen islands are known for their functionality as a dining and gathering space, as well as a place for food preparation, so it’s imperative that they should stand out! Brick kitchen islands can draw attention to the centre of your kitchen to create an atmosphere that feels more unified. Instead of matching your kitchen island to the rest of the kitchen design, switch it up a bit and use a brick panel. It works with all colour styles and kitchen themes.
Make your bricks do more. Combine style and functionality and bring the Mediterranean into your kitchen. A brick oven is perfect if you long for that real stone-baked pizza or tandoori naan, fresh from the your own home. The brick kitchen oven is also a very unique asset that will amaze your guests. As a plus, it can also double up as a fireplace, for those chilly winter months. For more design ideas, go here.