Combine design elements to create a kitchen that’s eclectic (but not eccentric)

Modern, traditional, country, urban…so many choices out there for kitchen interiors! Sometimes you can’t put your favourite kitchen style in a box. You’re unique and your kitchen should reflect that. So, here are some tips for pulling off an eclectic contemporary kitchen style.

A mix-and-match kitchen design requires an anchor, and furniture style cabinetry is the most effective way to make it happen. Cabinets are the most prominent element in a kitchen and those done in a traditional wood style provide a timeless backdrop upon which you can add a wealth of interesting accents. To add an element of interest to the cabinets themselves, fit them with hardware that is whimsical like crystal or hand-painted ceramic knobs. Or, include glass inserts to show-off copper cookware and serving ware.

If you fear that traditional cabinetry will give your eclectic contemporary kitchen style an “old fashioned” flavor, offset this by installing cutting edge appliances, the Grundig Divide & Cook which cooks two separate dishes at different temperatures.

Also, mix up the scale of your kitchen décor. Pair a kitchen island topped with a hefty butcher’s block with a pretty brass and glass pendant lamp. If the toile pattern of your dining chairs is a little too twee, match them with a rustic table made with planks of reclaimed wood. An industrial metal shelving unit is a great way to showcase a collection of antique teacups.

Furthermore, when it comes to creating an eclectic contemporary kitchen style, the principle of “less is more” doesn’t necessarily apply – particularly in the case of materials. Don’t be afraid of using wood, concrete, stone, glass, tile and fabric in non-traditional ways. Every material brings something unique to the overall atmosphere of a kitchen, but to avoid overload use the elements in balance. And, don’t be shy about using traditional kitchen design materials in new ways. Wooden backsplashes and glass countertops are just two of the new ways interior designers are mixing and matching materials. Learn more about using alternative materials for backsplashes.

To top everything off, accessorize bravely, but thoughtfully (like you would with your favourite outfit). Add to your core kitchen décor with a large glass vase in a bold colour, vivid artisan napkins, or 1960’s era consignment store finds.