Which Model Is Right for Your Kitchen?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect built-in oven, consider your search complete. We’ve done the work for you and compared three of Grundig’s 80-Litre Multi-Function Ovens: the GEZM 47001, the GESZ 57000 and the GESZ 47000.

What do they have in common?
Aside from outstanding performance, 80-litre interior capacity and smooth built-in design, the Grundig 80-Litre Multi Function Ovens have quite a number of common qualities. All include Grundig’s MultiTaste airflow technology, which allows you to cook different foods at the same time without flavours and aromas mixing. The ovens’ Chef Assist feature also offers more cooking convenience. Its 37 pre-programmed recipes allow you to cook a range of dishes to perfection with little oversight and no checking. They also all have a Grundig five-year parts and labour warranty.

What makes one of them perfect for you?

Considering all of the great features of the Grundig 80-Litre Multi-Function Ovens, it may be difficult to decide which is best for you. Each however, includes a key characteristic that might just make it the perfect fit for your family.

GEZM 47001
Take the GEZM 47001 for example. It’s simply the best option for the young family. Its Cool Touch Door ensures little hands remain safe from high heat. In fact, four layers of glass guarantee that the temperature of the door does not exceed 70ºC, even when the internal temperature reaches 500ºC. Also, its Soft Closing Door prolongs the life of the oven, because it simply will not slam shut!

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GEZS 57000
The GEZS 57000 on the other hand is all about looks and easy access. For maximum flexibility, the oven comes with either a left-opening, or drop-down door, allowing easy access to the interior – regardless of its surroundings. Furthermore, a glossy black glass control panel complements the minimalistic design to suit any kitchen.


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GEZS 47000
For the homeowner who likes their kitchen to be spotless, the GEZS 47000 is the ideal. Because of a grease-resistant oleophobic coating, the oven’s Excellent Clean Door can be cleaned with a mere swipe of a wet cloth. In fact, the door showcases the first use nano technology in a domestic oven. The catalytic liners also make life easier (and cleaner) by absorbing cooking grease and food odours.


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So, which Grundig 80-Litre Multi-Function Oven is right for you? Find out more about 3 clever Grundig Oven baking features to make up your mind once and for all.