Thinking of starting a vegetable garden at home? Here’s how to go organic

The grow-your-own movement is still going strong, and for good reason. It’s a great way to access fresh and healthy produce and herbs without heading to the market. Plus, you know exactly what’s gone into growing them. If you’re trying to eat more organically, then a kitchen garden is a great solution. However, if you’re tight on space, or completely inexperienced, creating a kitchen garden from scratch can be an intimidating undertaking. So, here are a few easy and interesting ways to get a garden into your kitchen.

Work inside the box
Container gardening is a tidy method of kitchen gardening that can be scaled to whatever size you are comfortable managing. And, you can be as creative you like with the vessel. Clay pots, wine crates, or vintage baskets can all be used. Simply line your container with a watertight barrier and bracket any interior corners. Plus, since they are portable, you can move them around as you like.


Kitchen gardening can be scaled to whatever size you are comfortable managing. © SieMatic,


If you’re trying to eat more organically, then a kitchen garden is a great solution. © SieMatic,

Hang out(side)
For kitchens that are strapped for space, the outdoor hanging garden is still the best option. A window box for example, is a classic tool for growing small and low maintenance produce like lettuces. Herbs can also be grown year round in a window box. You just need to know what to grow when, like basil in summer and chives in spring. Mint will last all the way through to fall and rosemary will survive a mild winter.


Know exactly what’s gone into growing your kitchen garden. © SieMatic,

Go high-tech
Admittedly, if you don’t have any outdoor space, kitchen gardening can be a bit of a conundrum. So, if you’re willing to try something a bit different, consider at-home hydroponics. Growing without soil is a clean and efficient option that has been scaled down from greenhouses into our homes. There are a variety of methods to get water and nutrients to your produce, including drip systems, misting and nutrient mats.

Ready for the future of kitchen gardening? Then learn more about the Grundig HerbGarden™. Having debuted at the 2016 IFA, show-goers and industry insiders alike were excited by the option to grow herbs and lettuces pesticide-free! You just place the seeds in growing chambers powered by LED lights and controlled by mobile app.


Meet the future of kitchen gardening, the Grundig HerbGarden™. © Grundig

Whether you use containers, windowsills or high-tech hydroponics, a herb garden in or nearby your kitchen is a great way to enjoy safe, flavourful and nutritious home-grown food. Head here for more info on urban kitchen gardening.