Up your kitchen design with a well-selected set of bar stools

For any contemporary kitchen to really make a statement, a bar or kitchen island is a must. It’s a very functional block of furniture and happens to be the social centre of the kitchen. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to go barstool shopping. The very idea of incorporating stylish barstools in your design is something that can increase your style points in an instant.

There’s a sea of options to choose from, so the decision of what to get should hinge on your kitchen style and of course, your budget. Take a look at how different barstools blending into a diverse selection of kitchen styles.


As far as barstool sitting surfaces go, fabric is the most versatile. Available in thousands of textures, colours and patterns, fabric-covered barstools give off a more relaxed feel. A padded seat is obviously a lot more comfortable than most other options – making this route especially practical.



Low barstools don’t exactly fit in a particular style. They are thoroughly unique and come in a variety of designs, yet their defining feature is the fact that they’re low. It’s a characteristic that draws the eye and can be applied to both modern and more traditional kitchens and even rustic kitchens.


© Siematic


Bold shades and striking lines dominate your average contemporary barstool. They maintain a new-age design and have a sleek allure that tends to be more graphical and modern. When discussing barstools, this design leads to crisp and simplistic creations, featuring both dynamic and monochrome colours.


© Leicht


An industrial style barstool is the perfect complements to a kitchen based on materials such as stainless steel, iron and rough wood. These elements are often found in the kitchen in any case, especially because of all the appliances. This makes a rough metal bar stool with a leather seat the natural choice.