Conquer kitchen clutter with these innovative kitchen cabinets

Whether your kitchen is big or small, kitchen cabinet space is always at a premium. Each year brings with it a number of innovative new ways to combat clutter with cabinets, but 2016 was particularly promising. Designers and design houses alike found new ways to make the most of every scrap of space.

  1. They changed the way they function
    In apartments or kitchens that have been equipped with very little cabinet space, functionality of what you already have is paramount. That is why kitchen design houses have been updating how their kitchen cabinets operate. By adding hydraulic hinges and automatic operation, some kitchen cabinet doors swing up and out of sight to accommodate small areas.


    Some kitchen cabinet doors swing up to accommodate small areas. © Leicht

  2. They didn’t forget the corners, skinny spaces, kick toes… When kitchen clutter is piling up, it’s time to get creative and consider every unused space as an area to put stuff. Corners are the ideal place to install a rotating shelf like a Lazy Susan. Skinny spaces between a drawer and an appliance can be used to stow away knives or cooking utensils. If you’re tired of stepping in your dog’s food and water bowls, create a feeding station drawer out of the unused space below the kitchen cabinets.


    Skinny spaces can be used to stow away utensils or glasses. © Leicht

  3. They pulled out all the (purpose-built) stops
    Sometimes, when you want to combat clutter, you just have to go niche. Kitchen cabinets built for specific purposes are all the rage. By inserting dividers in slim spaces in kitchen islands you can store cutting boards and serving trays. If you have a treasured collection of high-end kitchen textiles, consider adding a cabinet with a bar for hanging your tablecloths.


    Kitchen cabinets and drawers built for specific purposes are all the rage. © Leicht

  4. They doubled up your drawer action
    Drawers are the secret weapon of the clutter-free kitchen and multi-tiered drawers are helping us win the battle. Finally your herbs, spices and baking sundries can be stowed away in the same area, without stacking.


    Drawers are the secret weapon of the clutter-free kitchen. © Leicht

  5. They thought outside of the cabinet
    2016 was the year that kitchen designers started seriously thinking outside of the kitchen cabinet to deal with kitchen clutter. Now, the kitchen pantry (always in demand) is getting more popular than ever before. Built into the pre-existing kitchen, created out of entirely new spaces, or substituted by a freestanding larder, the pantry is actually the ultimate kitchen cabinet.

    The kitchen pantry is getting more popular than ever before. © Leicht

Increasing storage is typically the main objective of kitchen planning. So to ensure you have yourself covered completely, read up on more kitchen design tips like Defining the Optimal Kitchen Floor Plan.