A look at some of the gadgets and appliances to make life easier in the kitchen

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good kitchen gadget. These handy innovations often do the heavy lifting in the kitchen and help make a success of any cooking endeavour. We’ve found 5 more kitchen gadgets that will give you new skills and make life in the kitchen a little easier.

Titanium Vegetable Peeler
Not the most flashy kitchen gadget, but the hard-working kitchen peeler is a crucial tool in any kitchen. This Titanium Vegetable Peeler is no ordinary peeler though. Both the handle and blade are made from grade 5 titanium, making it the last peeler you’re ever likely to buy. Find out more about the Titanium Vegetable Peeler.


Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System
The Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System lets you enjoy the bold flavour of cold brewed coffee from the warm confines of your own kitchen. It has a clean design made from a stainless steel filter, a matching lid and silicone gasket to keep the contents fresh. The Cold Brew Coffee System a excellent way to enjoy your favourite caffeinated drinks. Find out more about the Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System.


Grundig Table Radio
This award-winning Grundig TR 1200 Table Radio is the ideal choice to add retro charm to your kitchen space. Available in real-wood, premium piano-lacquer black, white and red finishes, its not only looks amazing, but delivers a distinctive and high-quality sound experience. Find out more about the Grundig Table Radio.


GeniCan is a kitchen gadget that installs easily into your existing garbage can or recycle bin allowing you to add items to your grocery list automatically as you dispose of them. Amazingly, this nifty tool scans the barcode of every item you throw away — so you know exactly what to add to your shopping list. Find out more about the GeniCan.


Swanky Floating Ladle
This gadget is a true masterpiece of your kitchen. Floating with grace, Swanky is a ladle that balances perfectly on top of your soup. Available in black, white and pink, it’s a true head-turner when guest come over. Find out more about the Swanky Floating Ladle.


Nothing can quite brighten a dull cooking routine like a few unique kitchen gadgets. For more popular kitchen tools, head to K!TCHN’s list of 10 Cutting-edge Kitchen Gadgets for 2017.