Follow the steps to create your own kitchen gallery

Artwork in the kitchen seems to, most often, fall in one of two (equally unacceptable) categories: nothing at all, or flea-market relics depicting a fruit arrangement. Why? The kitchen, after all, is where life really happens. It’s where your soufflé collapses. It’s where friends meet. It’s the room that bears witness to awful dance moves, children’s temper tantrums, and roaring dinner parties. Yet, the kitchen isn’t the first room you think of, when it comes to displaying art. So, it’s time to call up your inner art aficionado, whip out your artwork, and spruce up your bare kitchen walls for good.

Here’s how to display art in your kitchen:

  1. Gallery wall: You might think that a gallery wall is better suited to your living room — but if you have the room for it — a kitchen wall filled with art makes quite the statement. Even a small or plain kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful space with a collection of prints, paintings and photographs.


    © Leicht

  2. Chalkboard wall: An oldie, but a goodie. You can easily transform a blank kitchen wall into a thoroughly creative area with a little chalkboard paint and some trim. Inexpensive, yet bold, chalkboards pack a powerful visual punch and makes kitchen shopping lists way more fun to write.original_marian-parsons-chalkboard-kitchen-backsplash-beauty2_s3x4-jpg-rend_-hgtvcom-616
  3. Above your upper cabinets. If your kitchen ceilings are high enough, the area above the upper cabinets could be a great place to display your art — safely out of reach of water and grime. Upper cabinets can accommodate a whole collection of stuff, while effectively filling dead space and keeping your counters free of clutter.


    © IKEA

  4. Open shelving. Perch your paintings, art photography, and small sculptures on open shelves above the counters to create visual interest and keep your work surfaces clear. Framed art displayed on open shelves adds an inviting focal point to an open, airy kitchen. It’s also a great place to feature kids’ arty creations to add a personal touch.


    © Jasper B Goldman

  5. Around the window/s. Place your choice of artwork and digital prints around your kitchen windows to keep the space feeling balanced and welcoming. Try featuring symmetrical artwork, photos or graphic prints in matching frames — it creates a feeling of orderly calm without feeling too sterile.


    © Nancy Corzine

  6. Between the cabinets. Run-of-the-mill kitchens with normal ceiling heights need not be dull. If space is an issue, why not add a smaller piece between the upper and lower cabinets? If you opt to cover your art with plastic over glass, a well-placed print can double as a great splash cover too!


    © iLevel

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