Discover some of the best kitchen gadgets and appliances to kick off the new year

Kitchen gadgets are here to stay. From planning and prepping to cooking and dishing, specialised gadgets and appliances help discerning home cooks with a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen. Some are life-changing; others simply get the job done more efficiently. We’ve rounded up most the innovative, hassle-free tools available to make life in the kitchen a little more interesting.

BOB Bottle Opener
BOB is a handy five-function opener and German Design Award Nominee in 2016. With its striking, technically purist styling, the BOB opener seamlessly blends both function and aesthetics. This nifty little tool serves a variety of purposes – able to effectively open five types of closure: ring-pulls, vacuumed lids, bottle caps, drinks cans as well as screw tops. Find out more about the BOB Bottle Opener.


SmartSlab Table
The Sapienstone SmartSlab Table, designed by Kram/Weisshaar, uses Iris Ceramica’s innovation to integrate heating, cooling and motion detection technology directly onto the table surface. Heating elements are installed directly beneath each guest’s plate, maintaining a precise temperature of 42.5°C, while cooling elements line strategic areas along the table to keep drinks perfectly chilled. Find out more about the SmartSlab Table.


Barisieur Coffee Brewer
The Barisieur is an automatic coffee (or tea) brewer that eases users into a new day with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of bubbling water. This sleek bedside machine encourages a ritual before going – an act that’s proved to improve sleep quality. It’s not only capable of brewing delicious hot drinks, but can also charge a phone or tablet in preparation for the next day. Find out more about the Barisieur.


Skid Wooden Chef Knife
With a wooden body that joins seamlessly with a super-sharp blade, the Skid Wooden Chef Knife could be mistaken for a modern piece of art. Made from a single block of sustainable Robina wood, the knife has natural anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties. A German crafted high-alloyed carbon steel blade is joined to the body and finished by hand to last a lifetime. Find out more about the Skid Wooden Chef Knife.


MENU Bottle Grinders
These high-performance grinders invert traditional salt and pepper mills with mechanisms placed at the top of each unit. The effect of this savvy innovation is that salt and pepper can no longer escape the grinder to sully tables and kitchen countertops. The classic, yet sleek design of these Bottle Grinders is not only functional, but an instant talking point around any dinner table. Find out more about the MENU Bottle Grinders.


Grundig KW 4060 Kitchen Scale
While cooking is the realm of those unafraid of going where their ingredients take them, baking is a precise science. The Grundig KW 4060 Kitchen Scale is an ideal partner for the baking enthusiast, with 1g graduation to a maximum of 5kg. This sleek countertop tool also features a large LCD display and easy-to-clean glass surface for precise measurement.  Find out more about the Grundig Kitchen Scales.


Plum Wine Appliance
There’s something special about a great glass of wine with dinner. Yet, most occasions don’t call for emptying the entire bottle in one sitting. That’s where the Plum Wine Appliance comes in. This practical gadget effectively stores any standard wine bottle and uses integrated cameras to identify the wine and chill the bottle accordingly. The Plum also incorporates special tech to keep wine preserved for up to 90 days. Find out more about the Plum Wine Appliance.


Grundig KM 7680 Delisia Coffee Machine
This high-performance coffee machine in Grundig’s Delisia line is made of high-quality materials and features 1000 watts of pure power. This machine not only brews fresh coffee every morning, but boasts programmable start and automatic shut-off features to ensure that all you have to do – is enjoy. Find out more about the Grundig KM 7680 Delisia Coffee Machine.

Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors
Scizza is a pizza cutter that perfectly slices any pizza on any surface. Certainly, these pizza scissors are one of the most fun kitchen gadgets on this list – and they don’t just cut your pizza, they also help lift it for quick and easy serving. They also won’t scratch non-stick pans or dull after heavy use, making this gadget more than worth considering in 2017. Find out more about the Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors.


Grundig SM 3630 Compact Smoothie Maker
The Grundig SM 3630 Compact Smoothie Maker sets the tone by creating healthy drinks in the blink of an eye. With 350 watts of power, this smoothy maker’s sturdy stainless steel quad-blade not only chops up fruit in an instant, but nuts and frozen goods too. Find out more about the Grundig SM 3630 Compact Smoothie Maker.

Nothing can quite brighten a dull cooking routine like a few unique kitchen gadgets. For more popular kitchen tools, head to K!TCHN’s list of 10 gadgets and smart utensils that were popular in 2016.