Create an ultra-luxurious modern dream kitchen with these key elements

If simple lines, abstract symmetries and sophisticated textures speak to you, then your dream kitchen is likely a modern kitchen. It’s the ideal style if you prefer luxury be showcased in subtle ways.

So, how do you create beautiful kitchens that are a modern architect’s dream? Imagine these three unique, yet very pragmatic modern dream kitchen concepts in your space.

The singular kitchen block
Walk into any ultra premium kitchen design showroom and you’ll encounter one theme again and again: the kitchen block. Essentially a kitchen island, it stretches horizontally from one end of the kitchen space to the other and everything you require is found in this exacting and polished configuration. All appliances are built in and camouflaged by cabinetry to create smooth surfaces untainted by seams. While the cabinets are covered in matte and innovative materials like volcanic stone and plywood, high gloss worktops flow through the glass of an induction hob to reflect feature lighting. Whatever materials you choose, know that this concept is the ultimate in kitchen design minimalism.


Whatever materials you choose, a kitchen block is the ultimate in design minimalism. © SieMatic,

The floating unit
Under-the-counter lighting is used as a practical illumination solution in traditional or contemporary kitchens. In the modern kitchen however, it can be used to make the cabinets and islands look as though they are floating in mid-air. Suspended floor units combined with soft light removes this modern kitchen from the bonds of conventional kitchen design. After this, you can do anything you want.


Suspended floor units combined with soft light removes set modern kitchens apart. © Leicht

The multi-textured sculpture
Get inspired by the masters of 20th century Spanish art, like Gaudi, Picasso and Dali, and consider modern dream kitchens that have sculptural flair. Concrete for example, has long been considered a mainstay material of the modern kitchen. Yet, few use it to its full potential. The flowing nature of concrete means it can be shaped into an asymmetric work of art. An L-shaped kitchen or kitchen block can be transformed into a modern masterpiece with a peninsula that finishes with a concave end. Topping the entire worktop surface with an earthy material like butcher’s block brings it back down to the level of us mere mortals.


Concrete and butcher’s block are the ultimate modern kitchen materials. © Leicht

Beautiful modern kitchens are everywhere, from Germany to Sweden. But if clean lines and clinical symmetries don’t speak to you, maybe the organic and authentic nature of the bohemian kitchen style will?