Dark kitchens and metal accents are making a comeback

Who doesn’t love a kitchen with a neutral colour palette? As the mainstay of kitchen colouring since anyone can remember, light palettes of white, beige and grey have graced the walls and cabinetry of countless modern kitchens. But what if you want something different? Something on-trend, but classic enough to stand the test of time. Something that looks dramatic, yet inviting. It might be time to embrace the dark kitchen trend in your kitchen.

While going for dark colours might go against the accepted perception that a kitchen should have bright and warm colours, you might be surprised at how well it works for most kitchens. Especially when combined with a thoughtful selection of metals, the dark kitchen colour palette comes to life in magical ways.

Dark cabinetry with brass hardware, for example, can add a richness and depth to your space that lighter colour choices simply cannot achieve. Hues of dark blues and greens invite you to stay longer, to linger. While it may not allude to the excited feeling you get in an all-white kitchen, there’s a calm excitement and sophistication when cooking in a dark kitchen.

The richness and depth of a dark colourway works really well for kitchens edging toward a more elegant look and feel. However, one of the reasons many people still opt for bright sterile spaces is because the dark kitchen look is tricky to pull off. It requires considerably more attention and preparation than kitting out its lighter counterparts. If you don’t get the combination of elements right, you can find yourself missing the mark completely. But when the right colours and textures come together, dark kitchens create a striking luxe look and feel most people can’t help but love.

To guide you in your quest for dark kitchen success, we’ve compiled a gallery of dark kitchens with metal accessories to stimulate your senses for your next kitchen renovation.