Grundig’s unique cooling technology keeps your food fresher for longer.

A Grundig refrigerator is specially designed to integrate seamlessly within a modern kitchen. But it also has a job to do. With Grundig’s innovative cooling features, you can be assured that your fridge not only looks fully integrated, but cools better and more efficiently than any other refrigerator. Read more about our Grundig’s CustomFresh+ technologies below.


Grundig CustomFresh+

CustomFresh+ by Grundig keeps your refrigerator cool so your food stays fresh. It’s just that simple. CustomFresh technology incorporates an extra compartment in your fridge with precise temperature settings ranging from -1°C to +2°C. This feature keeps food such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products like cheese at their peak of freshness for up to 3 times longer. Thanks to CustomFresh+, the temperature in your refrigerator remains stable without temperature fluctuations – creating the ideal conditions for all kinds of perishable food. Isn’t that the coolest thing in the fridge?GRUNDIG-K!TCHN-MAG_Kitchen_Custom-Fresh_CUSTOM_FRESH_CLOSEUP_CHEESE_v02GRUNDIG-K!TCHN-MAG_Kitchen_Custom-Fresh_CUSTOM_FRESH_CLOSEUP_FORELLE_v02
GRUNDIG-K!TCHN-MAG_Kitchen_Custom-Fresh_CUSTOM_FRESH_CLOSEUP_SALAMI_v02CustomFresh+ compartment temperatures at a glance

  • +2°C: The perfect temperature for keeping deli meats and bacon fresh for days.
  • 0°C: Here, butter, your favourite hard and soft cheeses as well as meat stay at their peak.
  • -1°C: Enjoy fresh fish and seafood longer by storing it at slightly below freezing.

Our innovative technology offers some of the best technology for your home and is designed to save you time, and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. For more on Grundig’s innovations, read about how FullFresh technology makes cold storing so much simpler.