Grundig’s clever technology makes storing your food simpler. And fresher.

A Grundig refrigerator is designed to stylishly integrate within a modern kitchen, and some of the most innovative featured to make cooling so much simpler. Read more about our Grundig’s FullFresh+ and FullFresh+0° cooling systems below:

Grundig FullFresh+

What’s your favourite fruit? Those that stay fresh of course. The Grundig FullFresh+ Side by Side refrigerator is the new place to be for your healthy favourites: A constant temperature and high humidity level in the crisper drawer are preserved by cool air coming through small ventilation holes. Small apertures in the specially designed top drawer simultaneously minimise condensation and improve airflow. These ensure ideal conditions inside the compartment for fruit and vegetables. As your produce won’t dry out, it stays naturally delicious and farm-fresh for up to three times longer. In short, you’ll have less waste, less shopping and good vibes, always. Because you can be sure your favourite fruits and vegetables are cooling in a safe place – patiently waiting for you to enjoy them.


Features at a glance

  • Small ventilation holes in the back of the fridge ensure the air in the crisper drawer stays cool, fresh and high in humidity.
  • Small apertures in the top of the drawer optimise air circulation and minimise condensation to prevent fruit and vegetables from rotting.
  • Fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for up to 30 days. Lettuce remains crisp up to three times longer than in other refrigerators.

Grundig FullFresh+0°

Zero is definitely the coolest number. With perishable foods, you want peace of mind that they will stay fresh in the fridge. Our FullFresh+0° technology creates the perfect environment for storing everything from meat, to fish, to your favourite dairy products. So they stay at their peak of freshness up to 3 times longer, with more nutrients intact. How? Cool air circulates around the drawer, maintaining the ideal temperature of 0 °C and the ideal humidity level – with almost zero temperature fluctuations. Plus, the drawer’s special design reduces condensation and improves airflow. This combination of features prevents perishables from drying out, even without packaging. It’s our way of giving you the flexibly to enjoy the catch of the day and cheese of the week at its freshest.


Features at a glance

  • Stores meats, fish and dairy just at 0 degree.
  • The special drawer is designed to preserve food quality and minimise food dry-out.

Our innovative cooling systems offer some of the best technology for your home and is designed to save you time, and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. For more on Grundig’s innovations, head to Product Guides.