The intelligent way to neutralise the stench

Grundig knows all about keeping food fresh and odour-free. Our range of unique technologies when it comes to cooling, is always aimed at keeping things fresher, for longer. Every Grundig refrigerator is purposely built to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen and make cooling as simple and effective as it possibly can be. Read more about our Grundig’s OdourFresh+ cooling tech below:

Grundig OdourFresh+

No doubt you (and your family) want the fridge to smell pleasant. But harmful gasses or chemicals? No thanks. Cutting-edge OdourFresh+ from Grundig reduces up to 90% of undesirable smells without generating harmful gasses or employing chemicals. How, you say? By intelligently pairing a specially-coated filter and UV LEDs, the technology effectively neutralises nose-wrinkling molecules. With no gas as a by-product, OdourFresh+ can run in frequent, shorter periods, making it more energy efficient. So it’s kind to your nose, your food – and to the planet.

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Features at a glance:

Anti-Odour Filter
A special photocatalytic carbon filter eliminates bacteria and maintains consistently high hygiene by preventing bacteria build-up and fridge odours.

Hygiene Glass Tank
Placed under the door rack, this special tank made entirely of glass keeps water and ice as pure and naturally fresh as possible. With its capacity of 2.8 litres, there’s enough refreshment for the whole family.

Our innovative cooling systems offer some of the best technology for your home and is designed to save you time, and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. For more on Grundig’s innovations, head to Product Guides.