Grundig gas hobs are making cooking great (and quick) again

Anyone who has cooked on a gas hob knows that there’s nothing else like it. Once the go-to appliance in many homes, they’ve fallen on hard times due in part to size, style and energy consumption. With living space decreasing and energy prices increasing, the gas hob simply fell out of favour. Until now.

Grundig are back in the gas business, and there is a definite sense that gas hobs, like the Grundig GIGG 6234150, are poised for increasing presence in kitchens today. Here is why:

Effortless Cooking Efficiency
When preparing and cooking meals, timing is everything. For that exact reason, Grundig GIGG gas hobs save you 35% cooking time. This gas hob greatness is all thanks to the Highly Efficient Gas Burner technology, which allows for precise adjustments to be made to the flame ring. By regulating the flame to such a small degree, you save time and use less gas. Whether you’re bringing together a stir-fry and steak strips, pan frying freshly caught fish, or heating up last night’s soup, every dish is cooked perfectly, at the perfect temperature.

Small Innovations with Big Impact
It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference, and Grundig gas hobs are the proof. Each burner is outfitted with micro-perforated flame burners that deliver heat to the entire surface of your pots and pans via straight, upward flames. Furthermore, the gas and air are combined before reaching the burner. Straight, individually regulated flames may not seem like a big deal, but the innovations are a huge win for you and the environment. In short, Grundig has ensured that zero valuable gas or heat goes to waste. In fact, this optimised gas pressure increases the efficiency of your hob by 25%!

Nine Predefined Heat Levels
Trial and error is now a thing of the past – with PreciseFlame technology, you can select between nine different flame settings. This clever innovation brings a whole new level of precision to cooking. The hob feels good to the touch, thanks to newly designed turn-switches. And if you decide on a gas hob with a glass surface, you also have other helpful functions at your disposal: a timer and an illuminated warning indicator that always alerts you when the cooking rings are hot and dangerous.

Solid, Yet Absolutely Luxurious, Design
Regardless of the innovation is quick cooking and efficiency, Grundig knows that the key to a good gas hob isn’t achieved by functionality alone. Refined and balanced, Grundig offers 2 streamlined built-in configurations, which look at home in any kitchen.

Furthermore, the Grundig range of gas hobs are available in 2 timelessly minimal designs: gas on glass and pure stainless steel. For the top home chef, the stainless steel surface conveys practicality and extravagance. Its impressive silhouette finishes off with a graceful touch of the matte plaque. The gas on glass version however, looks outstanding in a modern kitchen, with an aesthetically clean and simple glass plate.

So, minimalistic gas on glass, or pure stainless steel: what’s your pick? For more on Grundig’s range of innovative products, visit Product Guides.