Reintroducing the Grundig Divide & Cook Oven

Spending your Saturday night dinner party slaving over the hob is just madness. With the innovative features of the Grundig GEZST 47000 B Divide & Cook Oven however, time and effort is saved so you can enjoy friends and good food so much more. Here’s how:

© Grundig

Divide & Cook technology

The Grundig Divide&Cook GEZST 47000 B oven is a multitasking marvel that can cook two separate meals simultaneously – each with different oven temperatures and cooking durations. The Grundig research and development team created a remarkable system that blows hot air through side vent holes in the centre of the oven. That ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the Grundig Divide & Cook Oven and also allows for the temperature to vary in the oven’s different levels.

© Grundig

It’s a fantastic way to save up to 40% of the time and energy used. Simply put a more compact dish in the smaller cavity. While the difference in temperature settings between the two sections can be as much as 80°C, each dish will still be evenly cooked through, thanks to two fans. To top it off, there’s no mingling of aromas. Add to the mix our professional cooking accessories such as baking trays and pizza stones and you can be sure your next dinner will be rich in choice – and taste.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Animated LC display
  • Sensing buttons
  • 80L volume
  • 13 Heating modes
  • MultiTaste Oven
  • Chef Assist
  • Booster function, fast heating
  • Soft Doormatic
  • Keylock
  • Catalytic back wall
  • 2-way indoor lighting (halogen lamps)
  • Excellent clean-glass interior door
  • 2-fold telescopic extension
  • Black glass

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