Kitchen appliances abound, here’s what to look for when purchasing your next dishwasher

The sheer variety of kitchen companies and dishwashers out there for us to choose from is astounding. However, we often don’t realise it until we’re on the showroom floor – lost in a sea of options. Which should you choose? Grundig product experts weighed in and here is what matters most when looking for a dishwasher this year.

The responsible use of resources is everybody’s business and kitchen companies have responded by creating a range of efficiency solutions in their kitchen appliances. With its A+ energy rating and low water consumption, a dishwasher like the Grundig GNV 41810 Integrated Full Size Dishwasher is a standout. It only takes six litres of water to wash a full family load of dishes. That will save you money and give you peace of mind that you are doing your part to live sustainably.


The GV 41810 only takes six litres of water to wash a full family load of dishes. © Grundig

Plenty of programmes
Everyday life is not routine. That’s why it’s important to have a range of programmes to manage any dishwashing situation you find yourself in. R&D departments have responded in kind with a range of programmes that aim to deal with virtually all of your dishwashing needs. Quick Wash, All-In Wash, Glass Care Programme, Auto Programme; when it comes to the GNV 41810, these programmes are only the tip of the iceberg.

Wash a full load of 13 place settings in just 58 minutes at 60 degrees. © Grundig

Useful features
There’s a difference between features and gimmicks. Though gimmicks might be fun for a while, features offer tangible benefits that make your everyday a little bit better. Take knowing when your built-in dishwasher has finished its load for example; it’s very hard to tell. The point of a built-in is that it’s completely hidden! Solving this everyday issue, Grundig outfitted the GNV 41810 with a floor projected LED spotlight. A simple red spot is illuminated on the floor while the dishwasher is running, making it infinitely easier to determine when a programme is finished. No more interrupted loads!


The GV 41810 offers tangible benefits that make your everyday a little bit better. © Grundig

When buying a major appliance, it’s always wise to opt in for the warranty. It’s insurance! In that spirit, Grundig offers a five year parts and labour warranty on the GNV 41810 – meaning that if something were to go wrong you’ll have peace of mind that it’ll be set to rights.

That’s what the experts have to say, but what do you think? Which dishwasher feature will stand out for you in 2016?