“I would say that a common trend is technology.”

If French interior architect Carole Nau could identify one common kitchen design trend amongst her clients it would be meaningful innovation; the kind that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Based in the heart of the glamorous French Riviera, she understands that her clients want to live the good life, effortlessly. If people don’t want to spend their summer vacation in the kitchen, they’ll invest in the right kind of technologies to make it happen.

But, it’s not all high-tech kitchen design for Carole. More often than not, she is engrossed in creating spaces that reflect the personality of the family she is working for. Working in a calm environment with music playing quietly in the background she follows her instincts when creating a kitchen design. To envisage herself in a space is to put herself in the place of the family. The final result not only puts a smile on a family’s face when they first see the final product, but also avoids the bland look of a showroom or magazine.