Our newfound fascination for traditional pantries and larders

Staring longingly up at the cookie jar on the top shelf of grandma’s pantry might be one of our earliest memories, but why does there seem to be a resurgence of popular admiration for them today? Once used in lieu of closed cabinetry, the appeal of pantries and larders declined in the 1950s with the rise of refrigerators and fitted cabinets. Today however, they’re becoming one of the most requested kitchen features by homebuyers.

(c) bulthaup

(c) bulthaup

Whether a room in its own right (a pantry), or a freestanding storage area (a larder), the appeal of pantries and larders is on the rise, and here’s why:

Including shallow open shelving, drawers, room for baskets, wine racks and more, larders and pantries are quite possibly the smartest storage areas in your kitchen (if not your home). If well organized, they ensure everything in your culinary arsenal is on full display. You always know what you have on-hand conjure up a fabulous meal! To kick-up the organization level a notch, group like products together, with items that will expire earlier in front. You can also use clear class jars and containers to store spices, grains, cereals and coffee.

With so many great ways to store your food, pantries and larders have one major advantage over the refrigerator: food tastes better! Have you ever tried a room temperature tomato? A piece of cheese that has been allowed to warm? A white wine that isn’t frigid? Often outfitted with ventilation and a stone slab to keep food cool, pantries and larders are designed to keep foods at their optimal temperature. If you’re lucky enough to have an older home outfitted with its original larder or pantry, you’re in for a treat. Many come with a window, which can be opened or closed to keep your food perfectly cool.

Food that tastes wonderful brings us to the final reason why we’re loving pantries and larders right now: less waste! If there’s one major drawback of modern refrigeration, it’s our tendency to overbuy (and throw away) perishable goods we just haven’t had time to use. Knowledge that you have a finite amount of time to consume your food ensures you make smarter purchasing decisions.

If you think about it, the appeal of pantries and larders never went away. We’re just finding new ways to appreciate them in our modern lifestyle!