Going for open cabinetry isn’t necessary an open/shut case

To open cabinet, or not to open cabinet. That is the question that many new kitchen renovators are asking themselves. It’s a tough one. There are loads of advantages in going with cabinet fronts, but then-again, open cabinets and shelves are just so darn good looking.

Let’s break down some of the perceived pro’s and cons of having a decidedly exposed feel to your kitchen space.

Pros: Removing upper cabinet doors, or replacing cabinets completely with open shelving is a trend that never seems to lose any steam. The reason is rather simple; going the open cabinet route lends a sense of openness to your kitchen, giving it a homely feel, while still providing handy storage for crockery and other kitchen odds and ends. It’s a style statement, more than a practical consideration.

Cons: While some folks love the bare-it-all look, others feel that kitchens look a lot more cluttered without the veil of kitchen cabinets. And when your products on display don’t necessary inspire confidence, open shelving can be a true curse. And don’t forget the extra dusting that comes along with maintaining a decent-looking open cabinet or shelf.

Don’t take our word for it though. Browse through the images below and decide for yourself whether the open cabinet craze is something you would like to subscribe to.