Find out more about the kitchen colour trend that isn’t a trend at all

Let’s face it, kitchen renovations are expensive. So when you’re deep within the throws of a full scale do-over, you kind of want elements in your kitchen that can stand the test of time. Changing the colours of your kitchen isn’t always easy, so having a timeless colour palette can go a long way. No colours have made more consistent appearances in kitchens around the world this last century, than pastels.

Ah, the soft, subtly coloured hues of pastels. They’ve been a staple in many kitchens for good reason. They are bright, lively, and have the calm charm that plays nice with other colours. Pastels aren’t provocative, but not boring either. When done right, the warm embrace of a stylish pastel kitchen is something that stays with you. Like a trend. Just quite a bit longer.

To get fully reacquainted with the wonderful world of pastel hues, browse through the gallery below. You just might find the right inspiration to kickstart your creative juices.