Experience the charming warmth of the Mediterranean kitchen style

Lively colours, earthy surfaces and warm feelings, if there is one kitchen style that signifies summer (all year long) it is the Mediterranean kitchen style. So, why not take the style plunge by the time summer comes around? Before you dive headfirst into planning your dream Med kitchen, here are some of the typical Mediterranean kitchen design ideas and traits that you should know about. If you like them, you’re well on your way.

  1. Earthy Tones
    An earthy palate is the foundation upon which the Mediterranean kitchen is built. Inspired by the region, warm colours infuse every aspect of the style. For an elegant take, slather your walls in warm, neutral shades like deep yellows, buttery cream or balmy beiges. Pops of colour can be given by dark and bright accents alike. Dining chairs upholstered in dark leather add gravitas, but tiles and accessories in red, green, blue and orange add the festive edge many of us seek in the style.

    © Nancy Hugo

  1. Fluid Architecture
    Fluid architecture is another core design feature of the Mediterranean kitchen. What exactly does “fluid architecture” mean? Imagine the sharp and angular edges of our modern kitchens…and smudging them with an eraser. The end-result is a luscious and relaxed look. Kitchen appliances like hoods made of plaster or copper should drape or slope down over the hob. Worktops should have rounded edges. Even tiles should feel as though their sharp edges have softened and their precise corners have been buffed over time to a now rounded point.


    © ODG-interiors

  1. Textured Surfaces
    Textured materials make the grade in the Mediterranean kitchen style. Somehow layering marble worktops with stucco walls, leather furniture with exposed wooden beams, and wrought iron chandeliers with plaster hoods, creates tactile warmth in the Mediterranean kitchen style. But, in a completely natural way. The kitchen should not feel designed, but rather like an organic extension of your home.

    Create a luscious and relaxed look by rounding sharp and angular edges. ©domenicominchilli.com

  1. Warm Tiles
    And, what kitchen could call itself Mediterranean without tiles? Mosaic, hand-painted, or terracotta. Use them for your backsplash, create a landscape portrait behind your hob, or put them on the floor. If you could do one thing to bring the Mediterranean home, it’s adding tiles to the mix. Brick can work nicely too. If tile feels too cold on the floors, consider adding a durable rug that complements the colour scheme, and curvy theme.

    @ Jessica Helgerson

  1. Dark Wood
    Mediterranean furniture is often solid, sturdy and elaborately carved. Cabinets and furnishings in a Mediterranean kitchen often reflect that look, with rich woods like walnut decorated in elaborate detailing. The more worn the cabinets look, the better.

    © Annie Spratt

The true Mediterranean interior design is nothing without an ambiance of warmth and welcome. So, to evoke feeling wherever you are, always have a bottle of red wine ready on the table when family and friends to drop in unexpectedly. Not quite your style? Maybe the Danish or Dutch kitchen styles might tickle your fancy?