“To do the design of a one-family house is in many ways like painting a portrait of your client.”

Oslo-based architect Einar Jarmund knows that the key to creating a social kitchen is making a gathering place that reflects the essence of the family using it. A kitchen design should be invested in the client’s aspirations and dreams. Those don’t go away, and as such, Einar finds himself persuading clients to consider the long-term when updating a kitchen design. There’s a common misapprehension that a kitchen is something that you can throw away after 10 years, but it’s actually a long-lasting item. If made with high-quality materials, a kitchen can serve a family for a lifetime.

It’s why his architecture firm goes to such lengths to create the perfect kitchen for every person. Using a combination of 3D models made of cardboard and wood, as well as design software, they can accurately test colours, materials and lighting. Kitchen design might not seem like something to obsess over, but they’re all of great importance to people who use their homes as a sanctuary in a harsh Nordic climate.