For the optimum cooking experience, opt for a chef-inspired kitchen

For expert home cooks, full-on foodies and aspiring Escoffiers, the builder-grade kitchen comes up short. For them, the worst kind of kitchen is one that is inefficient and with inadequate appliances. The cook’s kitchen doesn’t have to be all function over fashion however. There are a number of clever ways to pair your love of cooking with great décor.

If there is only one thing you do to ensure your kitchen décor is gourmet ready, invest in a top-of-the-line worktop. All cook kitchens include a favourite. Some swear by wood butchers’ blocks as they are easy to maintain, don’t take a toll on knives and look beautiful in virtually any kitchen décor scheme. On the other hand, if you’re an avid baker, opulent marble might just be the best worktop for you. Its cool and smooth surface provides a perfect area to knead dough and prepare other delicacies without sticking. If you’re a home butcher who loves making his own charcuterie or sausages, stainless steel’s bacteria resistant properties make it a practical and attractive material for a kitchen island.

A kitchen work top is an essential investment in recreating a professional cook's kitchen. (c)

A kitchen work top is an essential investment in recreating a professional cook’s kitchen. (c)

And, stainless steel is where we pick up in terms of sink style. A trendy sink has no place in cook’s kitchen design. Sure, a fashionable farmer’s sink may look wonderful (and be a practical buy for the average home cook), but real chefs know that a stainless steel unit is a must have. If you invest in a unit with two sections, an attached stainless steel preparation area and a powerful commercial kitchen faucet, you know you’ve hit the big time!

(c) Bulthaup

A must-have stainless steel sink is staple in a professional cook’s kitchen (c) Bulthaup

The “big time” also begins with the right appliances. Though the gargantuan gas range and dual ovens are highly sought after, avid home cooks know they’re unnecessary. High-quality electric appliances with innovative features from trusted brands like Grundig are often the favourites. For example, the precision and flexibility of the Grundig Induction Hob GIEI 946990 N FlexiCook+ makes it a sought after cooking tool. It has 11 cooking zones, with 3 that actually shape to your cookware. Also, who needs a dual oven when you can cook two dishes simultaneously (and at different temperatures!) with the Grundig Multi-Taste GEZST 47000 B Divide & Cook Oven? Designed in black and stainless steel, they also look as fabulous as they cook.

Finally, remember that when it comes to the cook’s kitchen size doesn’t matter! If you’re organized then you have all you need to create a gourmet meal with ease!