Motion sensor technology is the latest innovation in high-tech kitchen gadgetry

Kitchens are the latest room in our homes to go hands-free. And, if the technologies on display at this year’s EuroCucina event in Milan are any indication, research and development teams worldwide have been working hard to create systems that are as intuitive as they are innovative. Motion sensor technology is well positioned to make kitchen life much better.

Motion sensor technology and hands-free kitchen gadgetry take over kitchen trends at EuroCucina 2016. (c) Pedini

Motion sensor technology and hands-free kitchen gadgetry take over kitchen trends at EuroCucina 2016. (c) Pedini

But, why are motion sensor technology and hands-free kitchen gadgetry so exciting? Simply put, the technology provides a cleaner, safer and more convenient way to cook:

  • Automatic faucets that only require a swipe, or tap of the hand to turn on, provide a cleaner way to wash your hands in the midst of kneading dough, or managing raw meat. They also provide an easier way for children and those with decreased mobility to turn on the tap.
  • Drawers that open with the swish of your foot past a baseboard are an ingenious way to access cookware quickly while in the middle of a task. Imagine a Béchamel sauce bubbling away and you don’t have a whisk on-hand. Simply move your foot and the drawer that holds it opens instantly!
  • With motion sensor operated lighting you can now satisfy midnight food cravings without crashing into the counter, or change the atmosphere in a kitchen instantly.

The possibilities of motion sensor technology in our kitchens are almost endless as they increase the functionality (and let’s admit it, the fun-level) of our daily lives.


However, when it comes to high-tech kitchen technology, not much beats the touch-free interactive hob. Grundig’s VUX (Virtual User Experience) Hob for instance, delivers the entire high-tech kitchen package. Debuted at EuroCucina 2015, it features a ground breaking virtual control panel that is displayed on the counter via a projected image from the cooking hood. A special sensor embedded beside it registers hand movements and uses them as instructions to guide the hob’s operation. The fully configurable panel auto-locates the most convenient cooking area, decreasing countertop clutter, and completely does away with clumsy dials, buttons and switches.

If VUX’s motion-sensitive operation was not enough to get you excited, its wireless system will. Not only is it capable of operating other connected appliances from its interface, it also includes a BabyWatch webcam module so you can keep an eye on your children while you are preparing dinner.

The motion sensitive kitchen is just around the corner, giving you ample opportunity to rediscover the joy of cooking, and your kitchen!