Grundig Pet Tub Washer Dryer

Take care of your clothes and resources

Recycled Pet Tub Technology

Beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

Beauty means something different for everyone. It is grace on the outside, and good on the inside. An appliance with parts made of recycled plastic, that’s beautiful! Taking care of your clothes while taking care of our resources, each PET tub of our 8/5 washer dryer is made with up to 60 recycled plastic bottles. Because aesthetics without ethics, it’s not beautiful at all. There is a long way to go, but we know where to start.

Large Capacity Washer Dryer with HomeWhiz

Grundig 8/5 Washer Dryer saves you space and time

Remotely control and monitor your washer dryer with HomeWhiz connectivity. Effortlessly empty your laundry basket in one go with this washer dryer's large 8kg wash and 5kg dry capacity. Designed to significantly shorten your daily laundry routine, its Mini programme can wash a full load of laundry in as little as 28 minutes.


Steam Assisted Wash

Steam Function provides anti-creasing on garments, helps to remove dirt easier thanks to softening and lifting effects, so that the washing performance is improved.

Wash & Wear

This intuitive washer dryer will deliver quick results and solve last-minute clothing dilemmas. With Grundig 8/5 Washer Dryer, you can wash and dry 1 kg of laundry in only 55 minutes.

Drying Auxiliary

For less loads (0.5 kg) use Drying Auxiliary function then wash and dry them in only 40 minutes.


Homewhiz connectivity enables you to download programs and customize the programs according to your needs.

Extra Large Porthole Door

The extra large door opening gives you effortless access to your appliance, so you can comfortably load and unload bulkier items with ease.

Inverter Eco Motor

Helping make your home a more peaceful place to be, our innovative Inverter Eco Motor not only provides a quieter washing cycle, but is also more energy efficient than standard motors. Promising durability to last the test of time, all of our Inverter Eco Motors come with a 10-year guarantee.

Wool Protect

Thanks to its low-speed spin cycle and special algorithm, the Wool Protect programme prevents friction between the fibres of your machine-washable woollen garments, protecting them from damage.

Sensor Programme

Decide beforehand exactly how dry you'd like your laundry to be by selecting the appropriate drying level. Sensors detect how much moisture is in the drum and automatically stop the cycle when the desired dryness is achieved, preventing overdrying while also cutting down unnecessary energy consumption.

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