It starts
at home.

It starts
at home.

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For us, they are not just four walls.
It’s the place where we learn the most important things in life.
Care, kindness, respect, generosity. They are all nurtured in the same place.
The smallest things we do inside can have a big impact outside.
Because our homes are connected to the outside world in ways we can’t imagine.
We are Grundig. Home appliances trying to take a small step in the right direction. Where aesthetics meets ethics.
There’s a long way to go, but we know where to start.
It starts at home.

Respecting food starts at home.

No matter if it’s a three-star-Micheline-dish, or the leftovers from last night, Grundig’s ovens bring even more out of every flavor and texture.

Care starts at home.

Grundig’s washing machines take care of your clothes while taking care of our resources.

It’s not just a TV, it’s a window to the world.

A Grundig TV is a window that connects us to the outside world. It’s a place where we can find inspiration, new ideas and learn.


The fight against food waste starts at home.

Respecting food is the only way we can ensure a better future. And as a brand that believes in a better future, every day we’re working toward developing new technologies that fight food waste. That’s our mission.

Sustainability is about more than consuming less energy and resources. It’s about wasting less and feeding more. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to developing home appliances that support our mission – with innovative features that ensure your food remains fresher for longer, while consuming less resources.

As Grundig, we champion the cause of reducing food waste. Our «Respect Food» initiative aims to inspire everyone to fight with us, by showing people how to tackle waste in kitchens with innovative products.

Let’s join us and let’s #RespectFood together.

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