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 Grundig, we believe in making things better.

Grundig is not only a supplier of home electronics. We are much more. We are the brand for people who know what really matters in life.


That goes not only for the appliances we manufacture but also the quality of life they provide. It all began 70 years ago, with our first breakthrough – the

         Heinzelmann radio. We knew we were onto something when we saw how this Grundig radio improved people’s quality of life.


               Ever since then, we have never stopped working to understand you better and take the hard work out of your daily routine.


We are Grundig.


We’ve been gathering people together since our very beginning.

First, it was around the radio, then around the television.

And from there, to every corner of the home.

We’re not just thinking about how to make better devices.

We’re thinking about how to become better human beings.

Our purpose is to inspire people to take a small step towards a better future, with thoughtful and eco-friendly designs that put people first and respect our planet at the same time.

Aesthetically harmonious, obsessed about quality, and ever more sustainable.

Wasting food is wasting life


At Grundig, we feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the fight against food waste. To remind the world not to take food for granted, but to treat it with care. Respecting food is the only way we can ensure a better future. And as a brand that believes in a better future, every day we’re working toward developing new technologies that fight food waste. That’s our mission.

By adopting Respect Food initiative with a strong eco conscience, we champion the cause of reducing food waste. Our «Respect Food» initiative aims to inspire everyone to fight with us, by showing people how to tackle waste in kitchens with innovative products and partnerships. That‘s how we manage to save more than 50 tonnes of food being wasted till today.

Let’s #RespectFood together.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Massimo Bottura and Grundig:


                                                                                                    A partnership brings out the best

The only way to push quality forward is by joining brilliance.

Based on our shared values for quality, aesthetics and ethics we’re collaborating with the world-renowned chef, one of the most influential people by Time magazine; Massimo Bottura.

«Little things we do in our home have great impact outside», that’s our common belief with Massimo Bottura. Thanks to his influential power, our aim is to inspire people at home to pursue a better future.

Homes. Massimo. Grundig. Our planet. Everything connected as one.

That‘s how we imagine Grundig coming together as an honest, relevant and unique home brand. We‘re in the right place, at the right time, with the right partner.