GWN 58483 C

  • GWN 58483 C
  • Adviesprijs: €699,99
  • 5 jaar garantie
  • 8 kg laadvermogen
  • 1400 toeren


  • Silent Mode

    Omits the spin cycle and cancels the main programme’s final rinse – which can be easily run manually the following morning. For a silent, sleep-friendly environment after bedtime.
  • Machine Care

    A special programme for self-cleaning of the tub and drum for maximum hygiene. Prolongs the life of the washing machine.
  • Wool Protect

    Thanks to its low-speed spin cycle and special algorithm, the programme prevents friction between the fibres of
    machine-washable woollens, protecting them from damage.
  • Steam Refresh

    Removes undesired odours in only 20 minutes using steam. In order to make ironing easier, the steam also reduces wrinkles.
  • Stain Care

    Easy handling of stains with a selection of stain removing programmes. Programme addresses to 24 different types of stain: coffee, tea, fruit juice, collar stain, salad dressing, mayonnaise, ketchup, makeup, blood, sweat, red wine, pudding, mud, meal, chocolate, grass, egg, baby food, machine oil, Coke, butter, jam, curry, coal.
  • Multi Sense Technology

    With its flair for fabric care, the Grundig MultiSense washing machine takes the guesswork out of laundry. Special sensors recognise types of textiles and the size of the load and automatically select the best programme for your clothes.<br/>In other words, MultiSense Technology initiates the optimum cycle length, motor speed, number of rinses and more.<br/>All of which is good for your clothes and your peace of mind.<br/>That leaves only one thing for you to worry about – what you’re going to wear.
  • Water protect+

    A double-walled hose that protects your home from damage. Water-absorbing material between the inner and outer hose detects immediately if the inner hose is broken – and the water intake from the tap stops mechanically.
    Additionally a water leakage sensor is attached at the bottom of the washing machine to end the programme automatically if a leakage occurs, to prevent flooding or any other danger.
  • Aqua Perfect 40° / 40‘

    Spend more time with the people you love: perfect cleaning for everyday clothes at 40 °C in just 40 minutes.
  • Hygiene Care

    Ensures 99.9% hygiene thanks to an Allergy Shield
    approved by Allergy UK. Its three-in-one action works
    by maintaining a constant temperature, applying
    additional drum movements and running a super
    rinse cycle.
  • Inverter EcoMotor

    Der Inverter EcoMotor verbraucht 70 % ­weniger Energie als die beste Energie­effizienzklasse A+++.
  • Silent Mode

  • Machine Care

  • Wool Protect

  • Steam Refresh

  • Stain Care

  • Multi Sense Technology

  • Water protect+

  • Aqua Perfect 40° / 40‘

  • Hygiene Care

  • Inverter EcoMotor

Washing Machine

Technische gegevens

    • • Niet centrifugeren, spoelstopselectie
    • • Automatisch waterdoseersysteem
    • • Bakje voor vloeibaar wasmiddel
    • • SenseWash automatisch programma
    • • Programma AquaPerfect 40 °C / 40 min
    • • Wolprogramma
    • • Antivlekkenprogramma
    • • Inverter EcoMotor met 10 jaar garantie
    • • Laag geluidsniveau
    • • 34 cm deuropening
    • • Nieuw trommelpatroon
    • • WaterProtect+
    • • Kinderbeveiliging
    • • Waarschuwingsmeldingen
    • • Energieklasse: A+++
    • • Droogklasse centrifuge: B
    • • H x B x D: 84 x 60 x 61 cm

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