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A Better Future Starts at Home

We all know that feeling of eco-anxiety. The feeling that we should always be living perfectly sustainable lives. Recycling correctly, never wasting food, saving water and always remembering our eco-cup . However, at Grundig, we believe sustainability isn’t about being perfect. It’s about all of us doing our bit, no matter how small or imperfect.

The best place to start? At home, with Grundig products designed for a better future

Our product truth:

No compromise

When we design out products, we always make sure we keep three very important things in mind: Design, Sustainability and Quality

Looks good, does good

01 Design

We all want products that not only do good but look good too. At Grundig, we strive to create beautiful products that do exactly this, achieving stunning design, exceptional functionality and sustainable credentials all in one.

Beautifully built to last


Quality is an obsession at Grundig. Why? Because long-lasting home appliances are an essential part of sustainability. We design to help you do your bit for the future, with award-winning durable products, made even stronger by waste materials. We stress test our products against real world scenarios, to ensure they are long-lasting and ready for use in your home.

Inspire people to work towards

A Better Future

With thoughtful design that puts people first, but also respects the planet, our products help and inspire people to work towards a better future.

Sustainable solutions

Washing Machine

Take microplastics off the menu

Every time we wash our clothes, tiny microfibers enter our waterways and end up on our plates. Grundig FiberCatcher® technology* * FiberCatcher® filter is active in synthetic-based programs; synthetics, sports, shirts, that wash synthetic textiles. , a world-first in microfiber built-in systems, specifically designed to capture up to 90% of synthetic microfibers in the synthetic wash cycle.

Sustainable solutions


Save energy from your sofa

When you’re watching your favourite shows, the last thing you want to worry about is the impact on the environment. The Grundig Smart TV is designed with built-in eco mode, so you can consume less energy whilst watching.

Sustainable solutions


Fight food waste while you cook

When we put love and effort into cooking a meal, the last thing we want is for it to be wasted. We’ve designed the Grundig HotAero Pro technology to fight food waste with every meal you cook. There’s no burnt edges or uncooked centres in your dish, so with everything beautifully cooked, there’s no food to waste.

Sustainable solutions


The fridge for food lovers & waste haters

We’d all like to do more to reduce food waste. In a Grundig fridge with AeroFresh technology, you can. Your food is kept fresher for 30% longer*. * Over the tested period when compared to the same food stored in the refrigerators without the same Grundig AeroFresh technology. Weight loss and sensory evaluation tests based on the parameter “overall acceptability”, used for the determination of the shelf life, were conducted by Intertek on carrot, fresh-cut iceberg, fresh-cut tomato, strawberry, salami and kashar cheese samples stored in the AeroFresh refrigerator and control refrigerator (without the AeroFresh technology) for a 12-day period. The results were evaluated by comparing samples stored on the bottom front shelf of refrigerators. More time to use it, means less change you’ll waste it. To reduce use of plastic, we also integrated bio-based materials into the design, like fan covers made from sugar cane and egg trays made from eggshell waste. So with Aerofresh, you’re fighting food waste in a fridge made from it.

Sustainable solutions


Save energy every time you wash your dishes.

Grundig Heatpump technology ensures our dishwashers are the lowest energy consuming high-capacity dishwashers on the market. With A-rated energy class, every wash helps you do good.

Sustainable solutions

BT Speaker Jam Earth

The sound of sustainability

Help save the environment whilst enjoying your favourite music. The Jam Earth Bluetooth speaker is built for a better future, with plastic parts made of 100% recycled plastic, and comes in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

Sustainable solutions


Planet-friendly packaging

Grundig home appliances are built for a better future, with sustainable credentials and eco-friendly packaging. Throughout our SDA and TV products, you’ll find 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging. So, when you buy Grundig products, you can take a small step in the right direction for the good of the world.