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Save on your energy costs with high energy efficiency level*


*Estimated lifetime energy savings catculated by comparing the lifetime energy cost of this product with the least efficient 8kg model in the market The lifetime energy cost is calculated based on the power consumption used by the eco 40-60 program as published on the product fiche or energy label, using the following average usage scenario, average lifespan of 11 years(Source: Energy Savingtrust), average usage of-5.5 times per week(Source: Energy Saving trust), average tariff of 28p per kWh(Source: Ofgem); average annual increase in electricity costs of 4,92%(Source: BEIS) Catculates on 09/09/2022 average usage scenarios of 11 years shouldn't be understood as the warranty period for the advertised Grundig device. Depending on the frequency of use, energy savings may vary Costs and savings will vary from time to time due to market updates and changes in energy costs