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Amanda: A Volunteer's Heart, A Community's Connection
Amanda: A Volunteer's Heart, A Community's Connection

1m read

Amanda: A Volunteer's Heart, A Community's Connection



Amanda: A Volunteer's Heart, A Community's Connection


Refettorio, part of the transformative Food for Soul initiative, is more than a simple community kitchen. It's a place where surplus food meets soulful cooking, where community spirit flourishes, and where lives are touched and changed. It's here, at Refettorio Felix, that Amanda has found her joy in volunteering, channeling her energy into something extraordinary. This edition of the "Food Saved Me" series presents Amanda's passionate tale, a testament to the profound impact of food and community.


Meet Amanda


Amanda's enthusiasm for volunteering at Refettorio Felix resonates with all who meet her. It's not just the food but the sense of community, the laughter, and the connection that keeps drawing her back. Discover Amanda's story and how she's making a lasting difference in the lives of many.


Volunteering with Purpose


Amanda's journey at Refettorio is fueled by a desire to do more, to give more. The bonds forged over shared meals have taught her that food can restore the sense of being human.


Food as Connection


For Amanda, food is a catalyst for joy, unity, and warmth. She explains, "The interesting thing about coming here at the Refettorio is how much I love doing it: I can come here feeling cold or tired and then I leave feeling really happy." Her experience transcends mere sustenance; it's about human connection and genuine happiness.


Rescuing Food, Enriching Lives


Amanda marvels at the way Refettorio utilizes food that might otherwise go to waste. "The food is put together by the chefs' hands, they make these fantastic menus, and everybody in the end has a really wholesome meal," she shares. Her excitement extends to the joy of serving a three-course high-quality meal to those who need it most.


Amanda's Suggestions to Save Food


Amanda's commitment to minimizing food waste goes beyond the Refettorio walls. She stresses the importance of using every piece of food, sharing it, and avoiding unnecessary waste. "It's about utilizing each other's food. That's really important!" she insists.


Grundig and Food for Soul


At Grundig, we are immensely proud to be an official partner of Food for Soul. Introducing inspiring individuals like Amanda fills us with joy. Her spirit, her dedication, and her warmth reflect the very essence of the Refettorio's mission.


Amanda's "Food Saved Me" story is a beautiful reminder that food can be a force for positive change, not just in nourishing our bodies but in fostering a sense of community. Stay with us as we continue to share more stories from our partner Refettorios, all united in their mission to nourish souls and transform lives.