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EDUARDO: Cooking with Heart at Refettorio Merida, A Story of Love and Creativity
EDUARDO: Cooking with Heart at Refettorio Merida, A Story of Love and Creativity

1m read

EDUARDO: Cooking with Heart at Refettorio Merida, A Story of Love and Creativity



EDUARDO: Cooking with Heart at Refettorio Merida, A Story of Love and Creativity


At the heart of Refettorio lies a mission to share love and warmth through the magical art of cooking. An initiative by Food for Soul, Refettorio transforms surplus food into meals that nourish both the body and the soul, focusing on those who need it most. In the culturally rich city of Merida, we find Eduardo, the Executive Chef at Refettorio Merida, who embodies this mission in every dish he creates.




For Eduardo, cooking is more than just a profession; it's a tranquil space, a moment of peace that fills the heart. As the Executive Chef, he's crafted a unique culinary experience, and his team at the Refettorio has become his second family.


Food as Love and Peace


Eduardo's connection to food is profound, extending well beyond taste and nourishment. "Food, for me, is love, a space for myself to share with others," Eduardo says. He believes that the act of cooking and sharing food with others fills the soul with peace and offers a recharge of both physical and spiritual energy.


Feeding the Vulnerable


At Refettorio, Eduardo's cooking serves more than just appetites; it serves hearts. By feeding those in need, he finds a special connection that transcends ordinary culinary experiences. Eduardo's creativity shines in the way he saves and transforms food into something extraordinary.


Recovering and Transforming


"When we recollect food, there is always a process of recovery: it gets selected, washed, disinfected, and then it goes into refrigeration," Eduardo explains. Old bread becomes pudding, and tomatoes past maturation become delectable sauces.


Understanding and Innovating


Eduardo emphasizes the importance of understanding the food process and the effort behind each ingredient. He believes that creativity, combined with knowledge, can help save food and bring new life to dishes.


A Message for All


Eduardo's journey at Refettorio is a lesson for all of us, urging us to see beyond the plate. "It's very important to know the food process and how much it costs to bring food to our tables. If we knew where it came from, we would realize how many efforts there are in each ingredient," Eduardo advises, inspiring us to be more conscious and creative in our kitchens.


Grundig and Food for Soul


As official partners with Food for Soul, we at Grundig take immense pride in knowing and introducing inspiring individuals like Eduardo. His love for food, his commitment to saving it, and his ability to infuse each dish with warmth resonate deeply with our shared values.


Eduardo's story at Refettorio Merida is a reminder that cooking is not just about feeding the body; it's about feeding the soul. With love, creativity, and a deep understanding of food, we can all find joy, peace, and connection in our kitchens, just like Eduardo does every day at Refettorio. His passionate "Food Saved Me" story is a beautiful testament to the power of food and the human spirit.