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Fabrizia: Nourishing the Soul through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano
Fabrizia: Nourishing the Soul through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano

1m read

Fabrizia: Nourishing the Soul through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano



Refettorios are community kitchens where surplus food becomes an instrument for social change. Founded by the Food for Soul initiative, Refettorios transform excess ingredients into nourishing meals that are served in an environment that promotes dignity, well-being, and community. More than just places to eat, Refettorios symbolize a global movement to value food and people, where every meal is an opportunity for social inclusion and fellowship. In this installment of our series spotlighting the inspirational individuals at Refettorios, we introduce you to Fabrizia, the Head of Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan. From the very beginning, Fabrizia has committed herself to mastering the best techniques to cook and reuse food, all while building long-lasting bonds with people through the act of sharing. Let's delve into her "Food Saved Me" story.


Fabrizia's Journey: Leading with Passion


Fabrizia’s experience at Refettorio Ambrosiano has been transformative, not only refining her culinary skills but also teaching her the power of food in creating connections that span across time. As the head of Refettorio Ambrosiano, she has shared countless meals, each one strengthening the bond between the people who gather there. Beyond the cooking techniques she's acquired from numerous chefs, she's learned that even sharing a small piece of bread can create lasting ties.


Eating together is one of the best things you can do


For Fabrizia, food is not just about sustenance—it's a tool for connection and a symbol of unity. She believes that "eating together is one of the best things you can do. When you share lunch, dinner or even bread, it’s a way to become brothers and sisters." This philosophy perfectly embodies the mission of Refettorio Ambrosiano: to nourish not just the body, but above all, the soul.


Fabrizia’s Approach to Saving Food


Fabrizia holds an unwavering belief in the value of food. "All food has to be valued. Everything is good. You have to be able to cook it, transform it and give it a new value," she says. Her approach reflects an appreciation for every fruit, vegetable, or ingredient she receives. It's this spirit of reinvention that adds value to what others might consider waste, transforming it into nourishing and appetizing meals.


When asked what she suggests to save food, she recommends choosing and cooking food in a way that enhances its value. It's clear that her respect for food is the driving force behind her creativity and passion in the kitchen.


Grundig's Pride in Supporting Food for Soul


At Grundig, we take pride in being the official partner of Food for Soul and are grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of inspirational individuals like Fabrizia. Witnessing the power of food to foster connections, nourish souls, and transform lives is a humbling experience.


Stay tuned for more stories in this blog series as we continue to spotlight the remarkable journeys of the people who infuse life into the Refettorios.