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Mago: From South Sudan to Milan, Finding Connection through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano
Mago: From South Sudan to Milan, Finding Connection through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano

1m read

Mago: From South Sudan to Milan, Finding Connection through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano

Refettorios are community kitchens that epitomize the essence of hospitality, creativity, and human connection. Driven by the Food for Soul initiative, these spaces breathe life into surplus ingredients by transforming them into nourishing meals for those in need. Beyond fighting food waste, Refettorios provide a welcoming environment where every individual can find a sense of belonging, dignity, and community. In our ongoing series spotlighting the remarkable individuals at Refettorios, we meet Mago. Mago’s journey, from South Sudan to Milan, took him to Refettorio Ambrosiano in 2015. An ex-medicine student, he discovered more than a meal at the Refettorio—he found friendships that would change his life. Let's explore his compelling "Food Saved Me" story.


Mago's Journey: Solidarity and Safety


Once a student of medicine, Mago found himself on a different path when he arrived at Refettorio Ambrosiano. Since his first meal there in 2015, he has formed close friendships with fellow guests and staff. The Refettorio is not merely a place to eat for Mago; it's a space of meeting, connection, solidarity, and safety. His journey from South Sudan to Milan symbolizes a quest for sustenance that transcends food—it's the hunger for human connection and belonging that Mago found satisfied at Refettorio.


The Power of Food for Soul and Refettorio Ambrosiano


To Mago, sharing a meal is an act of unity that can transform lives. He explains, "Sharing a meal with other people allows you to change many things. It gives us a sense of solidarity. Everyone feels that he is not alone. Refettorio is not just a place where to eat but a place where to meet." These sentiments echo the very essence of the Food for Soul initiative and its mission at Refettorio Ambrosiano.


Mago's Approach to Saving Food


Mago advocates for a conscientious approach to food consumption and waste. "You have to buy only the essentials. It's important to make what is essential and consume it by the date," he advises. He also points out that any surpluses can be given to associations dedicated to helping those in need, aligning with the ethos of Refettorio Ambrosiano, where recovered food is transformed into delicious meals.


Grundig's Partnership with Food for Soul


Grundig is proud to be the official partner of Food for Soul and is thrilled to share the inspiring stories of individuals like Mago. It's our honor to witness and support the mission of Food for Soul and Refettorios worldwide, contributing to a movement that fosters community, reduces food waste, and creates lasting connections through shared meals.


Stay tuned for the continuation of our blog series as we highlight more captivating stories from the heart of the Refettorios.