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Maurizia: Sharing Love Through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano
Maurizia: Sharing Love Through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano

1m read

Maurizia: Sharing Love Through Food at Refettorio Ambrosiano

Refettorios are not just community kitchens; they are havens of warmth, compassion, and creativity. Founded on the principles of Food for Soul, Refettorios transform food surplus into delectable meals, serving them in an environment filled with dignity and joy. But more than that, these spaces foster connection, healing, and a sense of belonging among those who gather around their tables.


 Our series spotlighting the inspirational individuals at Refettorios brings us to Maurizia. Refettorio Ambrosiano has been a turning point for Maurizia and her life: after losing her husband, here she has found comfort, a sense of closeness, friends and, above all, love. Discover her heart-warming "Food Saved Me" story!


Maurizia 's Journey: Grief can be a powerful catalyst for transformation.


Life often delivers challenging turns and personal tragedies, but it is our response to these moments that define us. This is a narrative that is perfectly embodied by the inspiring story of Maurizia, a pillar of strength, resilience, and compassion at Refettorio Ambrosiano.


Maurizia, a remarkable woman, experienced a turning point in her life at the Refettorio Ambrosiano following the      loss of her husband. It was in this community of food, comfort, and warmth that Maurizia found a sense of closeness, new friends, and above all, love. And it was here, in the act of sharing food, that she rediscovered her purpose and strength.


“Sharing food with other people is a form of love,” Maurizia shares. Her sentiments reflect the ethos of the Refettorio. When Maurizia waits tables at the Refettorio, she isn't just serving food. She is giving her time, her empathy, and her love. “People don't come here just to eat, they come here to feel good, to meet friends,” she says, illustrating the profound impact of the Refettorio on its community.


As an ambassador of love and care at the Refettorio, Maurizia is also a powerful advocate for the importance of saving food, a cause that lies at the heart of the Food for Soul organization. Maurizia shares, “The food coming here from the supermarkets is close to expiring, and we recover it totally. There are foods that are not bad at all and can be eaten anyway. Here a lot of food is recovered, and many great recipes are made.” This statement is a testament to the culinary creativity that turns the recovered food into delicious meals that nourish both the body and soul.


Speaking of her suggestions on how to save food, Maurizia shares a poignant message. “I suggest not to overspend. I realized that sometimes you buy a lot of stuff with the risk of throwing it away. It is important to shop with more conscience.” This advice is emblematic of the wider message of the Food for Soul organization, advocating for mindful consumption, reducing waste, and sharing meals in a caring community.


As we introduce you to inspiring individuals like Maurizia, we at Grundig, a proud official partner of Food for Soul, continue to celebrate the power of community, love, and food in transforming lives. We hope Maurizia's story encourages each of us to give more, love more, and make our meals an act of love. Stay tuned to discover more 'Food Saved Me' stories, where each narrative is a testament to the transformative power of food.